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  1. Superstitious people break magpies as 'trash' and 'rock', which can be interpreted as 'dirty fate'.

    I'm still a long way from celebrating my 40th birthday, but I don't really believe in this absurdity. We will celebrate!

  2. I celebrated my 40th birthday three times. First with colleagues at work, on Friday after work. Then on Saturday my relatives came, and on Sunday everyone who wanted to (and my wife's relatives – they worked on Saturday) came. All three times there was a gorgeous table set and constant toasts with songs and dances… And nothing happened. So this is all superstition and superstition!))

  3. There are people who simply do not believe in signs and nothing happens, and there are those who follow all the traditions associated with certain signs in every possible way, but still run into trouble.
    My parents, relatives and friends, almost all celebrated 40 years and nothing terrible happened. Better understand how much it matters to you and whether you are ready to cancel the holiday because of omens?

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