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  1. I don't agree with the previous answer. Yes, everything is cyclical, existence itself is cyclical, it is a law of nature, homeostasis. What can we change here? Just your own path? And this is what we need? I'm not saying that it's more convenient to go with the flow, but if a person has found his destiny, if he believes in it, all attempts to change it will only be a perversion. Everything must be repeated, this is the law of eternity, and repeated as identically as possible, it already depends on us. And everything will be as it should be. Not for us, not for me, not for him, but for the established order, the law of existence. And cyclicity exists, because an infinite process is meaningless by definition-any process has a beginning and an end, and for the existence of eternity it must be infinitely duplicated. nature does not like variations, this is already a road to unpredictable variability, and we do not observe this.

  2. Because life is cyclical, the same problems from generation to generation, but everything can change, you need to remember that we live only once and you need to live so that lying on the bed before you die you understand that you have done everything you wanted.

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