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  1. Because communication consumes energy. And the energy tone for any activity is directly dependent on the motive.

    If you have a motive for such communication, you will not get tired of it-well. or almost. If there is no motive, or it is weak or imposed , you will get tired quickly.

  2. A person does not know how to get enough pleasure, peace of mind, and resources in the process of communicating with people. Such a person may have feelings and tension associated with distrust, fears (offending, being offended, being embarrassed, etc.), and not understanding how to communicate.

    As a result, the process of communication brings more tension and displeasure, rather than calm and pleasure.

    After a short communication, as resources (forces) have run out, a person goes to restore resources alone.

    This is one of the most common reasons.

  3. What kind of person?

    Read a banal psychology textbook. It is already written there that there are people who differ in the composition of their personality in this aspect.

    There are introverts who are directed as if inside themselves. And to hear what's inside you, you need silence.

    There are extroverts whose whole life is focused on being in society and they can not feel good in the absence of society.

  4. I don't think we should generalize here.

    One person is better off with one thing, another person is better off with another.

    There is no abstract person for whom there are universal answers.

    I personally know a person who is completely unable to be alone, and this is due to the peculiarities of his psyche.

    There is a concept of introvert and extrovert, with their own characteristics. perhaps the person you're asking about is an introvert, so they're more comfortable being alone.

  5. The question itself contains the answer, it is in parentheses with the third word. A person is by definition an autonomous being and is comfortable with himself, since there is no (if not) imbalance between all his physical and other fields (bodies). You need to adapt to others, spend energy on increasing the distance and, accordingly, leave the comfort zone. The duration of contact directly depends on the personal interest of the other individual, the degree of motivation to perform the above actions and the availability of energy potential (cheat. health).

  6. “To live a wise life, you need to know a lot. Two important rules to remember first: You'd rather starve than eat anything, and you'd rather be alone than with just anyone.” With respect.

  7. Communication with people is a basic human need. For example, as food. But even nutrition has a saturation limit. And no matter how delicious a dish you are fed, you will still, at some point, start to feel sick from it, if you feed them too much. To prevent this from happening, there must be a balanced system of consumption, both food and communication with people. Plus, people themselves are different, and delicious, and tasteless, and even delicious, but with rottenness. Accordingly, they all have to be consumed in different ways.

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