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  1. Perhaps you have very little in common with them and also find it difficult to accept that people are very different. Maybe you know exactly what is “right” and everything else you think is wrong and accept with difficulty. You may not understand them at all, and situations of uncertainty often frighten a person and you can hardly bear such situations.

    Perhaps you have something in common with them and you find it difficult to accept this commonality in yourself and, accordingly, in others.�

    I think you can guess that there are many versions. And until you tell the specialist in detail who you are and what exactly teenagers are in what situations and what exactly makes it difficult for you to communicate, versions can multiply, which in itself can also become fun ))). To you and the responders.

  2. It is not necessary to generalize to everyone, of course, but if you want to know the reasons why it is difficult to communicate with some teenagers, then you can distinguish a temperament that does not depend on age, and then a certain transit or intermediate point between a child who is mired in infantileness, and an adult who is characterized by independence, awareness of actions, reflection in a higher stage, and so on. Therefore , in the process of this transition, maximalism, romanticization and exaggeration are manifested. The body is being rebuilt, consciousness is being rebuilt ,and a stable view with its own attitudes and views appears. At this point, there is a storm , a splash, a deconstruction . Understanding many things and realizing them (for example, realizing that there is an “I” and there is a “they”. There is little experience, I want a lot, so teenagers (I am also a first-year student now) should be supported and sent on the right path . Here, first of all, the struggle with understanding, looking back at adults, trying to reach them, to become an adult, because everything is projected onto the world. Provide an opportunity to give the teenager something to do , let him form, show understanding and loyalty.
    If I stated something incorrectly or you do not approve of the answer, then I invite you to a dialogue in the comments , I will only be happy =)
    P. S �My vision is the vision of a teenager who perceives the situation at the moment in this way.

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