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  1. It seems to me that the well-known phenomenon of “nonconforming witnesses”is at the root of the fact that people find it difficult to find a common language. You raise the question of language, so we have a situation where people talk about the same things, but do not understand each other. So they describe the same things differently. In other words, the objects of their views are the same, but the contents of their views are different. A performance, as I understand it, is a bag of impressions. For me, an apple is “red”, and for you, an apple is “round”. And since everyone is now individualistic, we do not seek to integrate personal experience into any communal, group one. So we argue about the same thing.

  2. We're all different. Intellectually, emotionally, … Most of us believe that we are smarter than the other person (although no one knows what “smart” means). We do not make any concessions.

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