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  1. This guarantees security, in short, but it's not about science or the animal origin of the human social hierarchy. The child is terrified of parents or other important figures from birth. Powerful figures inspire fear. Their disposition to themselves in any way is the basis of survival. That's why a child listens when he's scared. He wants to feel safe and is ready to do everything he can for this. Flattery, so flattery. A lie, so a lie. To do as they say is to do exactly that. Because it's scary. Because the better the relationship, the greater the sense of security.�

    All this is influenced by the inner figure of authority (I call it the inner abuser, but someone calls it the inner parent/supervisor), which is formed in the process of parenting. So a person can feel infinitely scared without even realizing it. This unconscious fear will project outwards, causing the person to fear other people for no particular reason. And to get rid of this fear, the person will use the same techniques that he would use in a real threat. Safety comes first.

    The person who flatters is in constant tension. In fact, he's constantly scared. Relaxed people do not flatter or try to please anyone in such a banal way. They feel safe a priori.

  2. First of all, the six requires the absence of unfriendly attention. But the attention is also friendly, although it comes with its own risks-it increases the chances of receiving leftovers from the master's table.

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