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  1. Why should that make me feel creepy? Humans are a common race, so I can't be lonely from this realization-this is if you mean that no one else has the same developed intelligence. In general, there are many theories regarding the acceptance and awareness of yourself in the world around you. It can be a little scary if, for example, you read Dawkins and suddenly realized that you are a “survival machine”, i.e. just a well-programmed bag of meat and bones to reproduce your genes. Which, in fact, is also great news, which in no way leads to depression and fears.

  2. Because you suddenly realize that everything you have is incredibly fragile and dependent on the world. Usually all your thoughts revolve around your own world, in which you are the main and most important hero. But now you realize that you are just a product of a ridiculous accident and billions of years of meaningless development and rebirth, a product that thinks and feels, lives and breathes for no good reason.�

    This moment is similar to the feeling when you lie down, falling asleep, but suddenly you twitch from the sudden sensation of falling: you stop feeling the support under your feet, you don't see the real reason to breathe.

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