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  1. Perhaps because this world is not so much yours šŸ™‚

    Don't you know? that your world has long been invaded by aliens? Which, of course, do not fly in some kind of saucers, but hide under the ground. Like all normal world rulers. They have a secret subway system everywhere. Although they also have huge invisible ships (sometimes their outlines can be seen in the rays of the setting Sun and out of the corner of your eye).

    Or, if I'm still wrong, it was you (I don't know who you meant) who made it so. Your world.

    You can still ask – and whoYou? And who exactly are you trying to be?

    What exactly does “being yourself”mean to you?

    Usually, when a person is born, he does not know himself yet. So, first of all, it doesn't matter to him whether he does it or not. And secondly (which is partly why) it is relatively easy for him to remain himself.

    Most people in our time are additionally lucky: they have parents. Which usually take care that in “their world” the child does not meet much resistance – and would develop in relative safety.

    Relative, because (extraterrestrials) are not absolutely safe. And the closer it gets to perfection, the farther it gets, paradoxically, from itself. Increasingly less secure. The aliens use it, yes.

    It's about like in a state. The safest thing is a “total dictatorship”. However, the security of the dictatorship does not contribute much to the development of both the state and its citizens. In addition, citizens do not feel free (whether they are really free is another matter) – what is such security for? In general, is it safe?

    As the child grows up, he begins to feel “pressure” that seems to hinder his development , both from his parents (if there are any) and from society. You can even say that the whole “your world” is pressing on him. Stronger and stronger.

    As it were, because in reality this pressure or resistance of the world does not hinder development, but serves it.

    Like the power that ” wills evil forever and does good forever.”

    Depending on the society or environment in which our (your) child-or you (yourself) – lives, the pressure may be stronger or clearer, build up faster or individually, make specific precise demands on the individual, or remain “hidden”. Growing up can be more or less comfortable or abrupt and difficult.

    Or it may not happen at all.

    At the very beginning, the world is obviously stronger.

    The human being initially has four strategies (more precisely, forms) of behavior:

    • try to “stay yourself” – a child. You can make some concessions; go to work, “bring benefits” – but avoid the actual “growing up”. If you remain kind (which is problematic, but that's not what we're talking about) and generally behave well, the world can even meet the pressure halfway and compensate for it with gentleness and care. This strategy is called regressive
    • try to establish “partnership relations “with the world (I go to work, start a family, have children, do everything right, but you don't touch me) – and accept its pressure as the norm of life. This strategy is called depressive
    • find a way to “cheat” the world (it is unfair: it puts pressure on it, and I did nothing to it), find “loopholes” in it, or somehow circumvent its pressure. For example, you can find a higher power, preferably reasonable and kind, and stand under its protection (option-serve the “prince of darkness” on favorable terms). This strategy is called a degressive one
    • defeat the world. Overcome his pressure, no matter what it takes. Even though this is initially impossible. This is an aggressive strategy.

    Naturally, the only truly effective strategy is the latter. The paradox is that “your world” will never tell you this (otherwise it will no longer be a struggle, but a game of cat and mouse), although this is exactly what it is trying to achieve. It is no coincidence that “criminals and thieves” are so often knocked out “to the top”. The world needs them, but weak-willed and weak-willed beings do not.

    Another paradox is that an aggressive strategy inevitably changes the person in the process of fighting – while others allow you to at least feel “the same”. That is, to remain “myself as I was”. It doesn't always work out, illusions don't last forever, but still.

    If you carefully read (or read) the description of each “strategy” – or “form” – you will notice that the behavior in each case looks selfish.

    This is true: I immediately said that all these” strategies ” are initially available to a person (human being). They are given to him by nature, and nature does not waste altruism. However, a person can form their own strategy-in the full sense of the word-in the process of their development.

    Outwardly, any behavior will resemble one of the strategies/forms I described, except that it is better or worse to comply with social norms. Distinguishing selfish motivation from altruism, even introspectively, is not easy, let alone externally. However, in the process of development (if any), every healthy person becomes more altruistic and aware-even if no one “sees or appreciates” it – as their areas of activity and areas of responsibility expand.

    Is he still himself? In my understanding, he becomes himself.

    But more on that-another time =))

  2. In fact, being yourself is not difficult. You just need to stop not being yourself, stop trying to seem like someone else.

    We are all born to be ourselves. We all grow as ourselves. And only then do we begin to adapt to the image that we have formed for ourselves or the expectations of other people. This is the story of most of us, because we all go through the same social institutions.

    It all starts with the parents. Don't do this, don't take it, just sit still.

    Then school. Again, don't run, don't make any noise, listen.

    This is how the strategy of adapting to people begins to take shape.

    We are afraid that if we are 100% ourselves and stop adapting, people will turn away from us and leave. Some may leave, but true friends will remain. And people who accept themselves are highly respected.

    When I was little, about 5 years old, my friends ran away from me in one day. They burned up and started running away as soon as I got close.

    For a child, this is a shock. Rejection, oblivion. It's in our genes to live up to the expectations of others, because in the distant past, if you're not with the tribe, you're not in a cave, and that meant death.

    Times have changed, but the fear of rejection remains.

    Being yourself is like diving into a cold pool. The first time it's scary, and then you get used to it and even get high from it.

  3. It is necessary to recognize the fact that this situation in their lives was created by people themselves, by their own thoughts and actions. The reality is that the picture of our World is horribly distorted! To be yourself in this “kingdom of crooked mirrors”, a person needs to make incredible efforts and break this vicious circle of stereotypes and outright lies.

    The reason is that a person voluntarily abandoned his own improvement and spiritual development, turned away from God in his Soul and fell on the slippery path of the philistine. Having stifled my Conscience and accepted the morality of the technocratic world, I became its slave. Today, a person must make an incredible effort to change what happened. Not everyone is able to embark on this path of elevation, this road is too difficult and thorny! First, a person needs to stop running in a circle and look around carefully. What will he see? A distorted reality, very far from the one that any righteous person dreams of living in. Lies and deception, double standards, and falsification have become the norm in modern society.

    Is there a way to stop this chaos and change the space around? The solution to this question, a deep analysis of the current reality, is given in Quatrains and Knowledge from the Creator or the Higher Cosmic Mind. This knowledge is transmitted to the whole mankind through Leonid Maslov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, ATN of the Russian Federation, through Channeling. Knowledge is summarized in the book “The Doctrine of the Creator, or the Spiritual International of Humanity, or what awaits civilization tomorrow”. The book will be published in May 2021.

    It says that only a person can change himself and the reality created by his thoughts! Everything around us in Nature is in Harmony, and only a person created in the likeness of the Creator tries to build his own World without love with the people around him and with himself in spite of the Creator.

    Meanwhile, the task of a person is to become himself and find the unity of his inner ” Iā€ with the Creator and the World around him! For a person, you can't find a stronger opponent than yourself. No one can break a person or make him fall morally and morally, except himself. Only a person has the right to be with God in the Soul, and therefore himself, or to spend the rest of his time in a spiritless state, ending his existence in mediocrity. If a person does not control himself, then his World is controlled by others and a person has to adapt to the moral climate that he himself allowed to create with himself.

    The low level of Spiritual development of a person's Consciousness leads to the inability to resist. Only strong personalities, having an inner core, are ready to resist this. Today, people are being instilled with the false idea that the majority controls the minority, and in this case the principle of “do as everyone else” works! The crowd cannot allow a reasonable and creative person to speak the truth and live by their own rules. So it turns out that a person, when faced with an imperfect world, is in a constant internal struggle, losing peace in his soul. And a person is torn between the truth of God and his own truth imposed by society. In these difficult conditions of incarnation, the personal position of each person becomes very important. People already understand that society is painful and it is impossible to live like this, because there is no future in unbelief, lies and vices.

    A person who makes his own decision is unwavering and able to show wisdom. He can rise above the hustle and bustle of the Dense Plane, achieving inner oneness with himself. Without a change in the inner world, without a change in Consciousness, it is impossible for a person to become his true self. A person is free to choose his own destiny and no one has the right to lead him in any other way.

    But in order to get out of the current impasse, everyone needs to change their Consciousness, move to a new level of thinking. People should understand that a person, as a part of the energy-informational Space of the Cosmos, depending on the tasks set for himself, is able to make any balanced decision. He must realize his great destiny and understand that freedom of thought is the responsibility for their realization. No one can influence our thoughts and mental images, so the dark or negative things that are formed in our minds are our own ideas, and no one is to blame for this, except ourselves!

    Only by developing spiritually, taking responsibility for yourself, your family, country and life on the Planet, a person can become the creator of your Destiny. This is how he was originally created by God. Only in this case, a person deserves to live in Love and Harmony with the world around them and with himself!

  4. Being yourself means being able to defend your interests, have your own point of view and not be afraid to express it.
    First, you need to understand what your own interests are, and whether there is a point of view of your own? This is probably the main difficulty.

  5. First, you need to decide on the term-yourself for:

    1. Myself.
    2. Surrounding people.

    If for yourself, then nothing is easier-be, there is only one difficulty… and who is he?

    What you really are, for this there is a question – ” Who am I?”, but the answer to it is both simple and complex at the same time.

    But this is internal – no one sees it and others will not notice it.

    If for others, it is also not very difficult-choose your position in this World and stick to it in your thoughts, words, actions.

    Be consistent and everyone will definitely see this as a manifestation of yourself.

    However, do not stereotype yourself and your actions – act wisely.

  6. It is difficult to be yourself in the modern world because everything around us interprets or shows us the ideal of a modern person (what you need to strive for, what you need to achieve, what you need to come to in order to be a successful person). I think that this myth of success is invented by modern companies to make money.

  7. being yourself is easy, but how much you are willing to pay for this freedom, we are all afraid of the consequences (the price of an act), here everyone chooses for themselves, there are always options to do one way or another, as you think is right or as it should be.

  8. Because this one does not owe you anything and your worldview will have to be limited and coordinated with the worldviews of others in thousands of parameters.

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