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  1. You have a contradiction in the question. You first write “hard to find”, and then “no one writes to me”. Do you call this skill simply “being cool”?

    Like this baitfish fishing? No, it's not going to work like this with men. To make friends, you need initiative. Approach, get acquainted, go somewhere, meet someone, invite, write first and most importantlydon't worry about looking stupid, ridiculous, or insecure.�

    The last place where we make friends “just like that”, just because you're cool, is school, because there people are kept in a limited space and they have nothing left but to communicate.

    But then everything is different. Either you act, or you are content with what “floated” into your hands. It is good if it is someone at least adequate, but often this is not the case.

  2. Keep it simple and they'll reach out to you.
    If you pretend to be a “unique person”, and you are sure that everyone should call you first ,ask how things are going, invite you to go for a walk, and so on) , then this scares people away.
    Do it first,and if people are interested in walking and socializing with you, they will respond, if not, then not . Here, the problem of this should be looked for only by yourself.

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