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  1. Good old projection. You see in others what you are and expect them to do what they would have done themselves. If it seems to you that ABSOLUTELY ALL THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE called you JUST because of money, then you have created such a picture of the world for some reason. This, of course, is utter nonsense, you, of course, have a lot of friends who do not care about your money, but you do not want to remember them. Calls on any topic other than money do not remain in your memory, because you are not interested in all this. It's only interesting when it comes to money, isn't it? Do you call people yourself? What do you find interesting about people?

  2. Because money in modern society is a freely convertible and absolutely liquid resource. Everyone needs something at some point in their life. Often this something can be directly or indirectly exchanged for money. And you can get them from other people. And the easiest and most legitimate way to get money from people is to simply ask for it. But not all people resort to this method on the first occasion. Therefore, either your circle perceives you simply as a bag of money, or not at all sociable (that only need makes you turn to you), or your interests simply do not coincide, and so it happens.

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