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    Writers don't usually write works about themselves (unless you're referring to an autobiographical book).

    Yes, while writing, details from your own life are often laid down: emotions, incidents, thoughts. But writers also include elements of third — party events seen in movies/TV shows, read in books, heard from friends, and so on.Most often, this happens unconsciously-this is how the subconscious mind works.

    But to answer the question: people share information about themselves for various reasons. Someone wants to inspire (all these stories about a hard life and overcoming problems). Others — to attract attention and gain worldwide recognition . And still others just want to be heard and understood. But often everything goes together.

  2. There can be two options: either you ask this question and also talk about yourself in a certain way… Or you are strongly attracted to the fact that other people also talk about themselves.

    Let me remind you of Marx's words: “The man Peter only understands what he is when he looks like a mirror at a man named Paul”

    read good deep and not only philosophical literature and then you will find the answers to such questions yourself

  3. I think the fact is that it is easier to write about personal experiences than to feel the emotions and situation of another person. Someone else's soul in the dark, you know

  4. Apparently, because of the overwhelming feeling of loneliness of a person associated with a lack of attention, misunderstanding on the part of relatives and friends, as well as people around him. In this case, you can not miss an extremely important thing – the conflict in consciousness. Conflict with reality, with society, with the world as a whole. The conflict between the actual world order and your own idea of what it should be. Thus, a person sends a signal to all of us to pay attention to him, to appreciate his talent and abilities, “his external and internal” qualities. To do this, he uses all his inner arsenal, through which he tries to break through to our hearts and minds. Thus, a person presents his own picture of the world, sharing his modest wealth with us, with all its contents, where experience and pain, joy and despair are intertwined. As a result of all these manipulations, in a good sense of the word, others begin to pay attention to him-either encouraging or criticizing. In this creative process, there is something that a person lacked, what he so needed and wanted-attention, care and affection. Having received the long-awaited response from outside, he no longer feels abandoned, a lonely being. As a result, his inner bottomless void is gradually filled with something, taking shape and content, in which fragile meanings and small joys appear. And not so empty, not so lonely, not so pointless….

    This is what we all do, drawing attention to ourselves as best we can. I am now trying to answer this question, which is also the same movement, the same desire to attract attention, which comes from a sense of emptiness. You can have a large family and many friends, but still remain a single person. Therefore, you always find temporary salvation in the movement, in the process of doing, when you are busy with something-just so as not to be left alone with your own emptiness.

  5. Rap was originally seen as motivational music for poor African Americans.
    When the performer talked about how he rides a cool car and a curvy girl pleases him under the seat, he thereby showed what can be achieved with his creativity.
    It was only later that the fashion for protest came, voicing social problems through recitative.

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