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  1. Do you really want to do this?

    Do you really want the person you love to be better than you in almost everything? Try to survive in such a relationship for half a year, and this thesis will no longer be so sure. You will start to get annoyed with how perfect he/she is, or you will start to live with the feeling that you are not worthy of your “half” piece of shit. Well, of course, we don't talk about exceptions. This is the answer to the first question.

    Answer to the second question: learning from others is more pleasant, because you don't fill up the unpleasant bumps of life experience.

  2. The answer lies in the question itself, in the word “half”. An adult is a “whole” person, not a “half” person, so he doesn't need a “half” person, but a “whole” Adult. If we need a partner from whom we intend to “learn life”, then, most likely, we take the position and play the role of a Child, not an Adult, and, accordingly, we are looking for a Parent partner. This, of course, is not a crime, and millions of people live quite well in such a Parent-Child relationship. There are also relationships “on the contrary”, when a person looking for a partner needs just to be a Mentor, that is, a Parent. The main thing here is to find each other.

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