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  1. Believe me, the key point is the word scary. Fear is rooted in ignorance, a lack of knowledge about the true structure of the world. The world is self-sufficient and only a person finds some moments and marks them as significant. Whoever wants to live lives and affirms this “religion”.

  2. The world �terrible ( in addition to �just �other things ) �his �current �total �globalization. �When �began �coronavirus �reports �news �of �China, �first �all �world �underestimated �threat. �All �decided �that �is �far �and �really �our �bear �area �exactly �not �affected. �I �also �thought so сначала at first. �For �border �last �time �not �been �parcels �of �China �not �received, �no �with �who �unusual �or �description �from afar �not �in contact. �Can �sleep �quietly.

    An �no. �Doesn't work�. ��

    Now �sit �on �quarantine �no �transport �not �goes, �life �froze, �people �swept �of �supermarkets �products, �and �in �first �turn �buckwheat �and � toilet �paper(?). Started �appear �messages �about �cases �not �somewhere �there �and �in �neighboring �areas. �Today �first �patient �discovered �in �my �the city. �Trouble �came �itself, �no �not �name.

    Doctors, �transporters �security forces, �power �was �not �ready �to �pandemic. �But �power �PR �his �activity �not �forgotten. �Especially �touching �was �listen �recommendations �President �to read �Chuck �Palahniuk. �Maybe �better �about �plague �in �presentation � albert �Camus?�

    The moment of �truth. �Some �oligarchs �donate �millions �on �drugs �and �mask. �Other �in �last �day �before �closure �borders, �15 �March � raise �price �on �tickets �his �airlines � in �2,4 �times. �Nothing �personal. �Only �business. And �then �ask �what �is �us �EUR…, �Europeans �that �is, �so �not �love…

    It became scary to “live”. �To sit �in �quiet �reliable �place �impossible. �No �such� place.

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