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  1. Encountered it. This happens when there is no consistency in business and plans between people. When one person thinks that you are living a wrong life or wasting your day. You can feel people looking at you with disapproval. It would pass if you could discuss your affairs with your family and your plans and intentions, and if they listened, understood and supported you. That's when it gets easier

  2. People who are “selfish” (or “may not be knowledgeable enough”) �want �own all �attention and all the thoughts �object �his �love.They �think �leave �they �tiny �area� personal space� its � husband �or wife �( � fishing, �gatherings with �friends � once a week, etc.), they � will give �a person � to leave , to leave �them. �On �very �want �hold �better �let go.But it's scary to let go,” suddenly” it will go away completely.

  3. Encountered it. Everyone needs some personal time from time to time, because we all get tired of social life. And this does not mean that we do not love those with whom we live. Someone needs time to calmly think about current tasks and future plans, someone to devote themselves to their favorite activities without feeling guilty that you do not devote this free time to your partner.

    The desire to be alone with yourself is absolutely normal. It is important that those with whom you live respect your personal space and give you the opportunity to exhale and retire, otherwise it is fraught with resentment, quarrels and all that follows.

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