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  1. Great question.

    I was concerned about this problem and it seemed like a mystery until one moment. I woke up one morning and couldn't move my body, even though I could see every detail of the room. I see my sleeping girlfriend, I see the bookshelves, and it feels like “through my eyes”. I see everything in great detail, my mind is clear. I think we should remember the details! And I find a bright spot on the shelf – a red book with the inscription “Vysotsky”. I tried to remember the position of the books, but I couldn't:) I wake up later, I remember about this paralysis, I look for where the book is… So – I've never had any of Vysotsky's books 🙂 From this I conclude that sleep paralysis is an elegant and detailed hallucination, a dream. And the brain can deceive us very plausibly.

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