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  1. Unfortunately, I do not know any experimental studies on this topic, so I can only offer suggestions based on studies of human sexuality and cognitive processes. First of all, it is necessary to understand modern ideas about how sexual arousal occurs in general, because the sexual attractiveness of an object can be defined as its ability to cause sexual arousal.

    The model developed by the Kinsey Institute team and described in this article suggests that sexual arousal is a consequence of two processes – sexual activation and sexual suppression. Sexual activation is associated with the fact that contact with the object in the past has already ended with positive feelings. Sexual suppression consists of two subprocesses-suppression due to the expectation of failure during sex and suppression due to the expectation of unpleasant consequences after sex. The model is the result of a synthesis of previous research on human sexuality, motivation, and learning theory.

    Now, let's move on to the question. Based on the two-factor model of sexuality, how can there be attraction only to intelligent, educated men? It is logical to assume that you must have already had a positive experience of sex with men and this man or these men were regarded by you as smart, otherwise where does sexual activation come from? Now about reducing sexual suppression. It should be selective in order to ensure attraction to men who meet a certain trait.

    Accordingly, it is logical to assume that you have beliefs about the relationship between a man's mind and his sexual behavior. You may have had a positive experience with a man you think is smart, and a negative experience with a man we think is not smart. At the same time, it is not necessary that they are really smart – the confirmation bias allows us to deftly turn smart men with whom sex was unsuccessful into stupid and rednecks, and stupid men with whom sex turned out to be smart and educated. This can support the belief that a man's intelligence and education are related to his skills in bed. The expectation of a good outcome reduces sexual suppression due to the expectation of unsuccessful sex.

    As for sexual suppression due to undesirable consequences, it is associated with expectations of public condemnation or unpleasant sensations (feelings of guilt or shame) after sexual contact with someone. These emotions, in general, also arise as a result of beliefs. Perhaps you think badly of yourself after spending time with less-educated men, think that a man should be smart and educated, and a woman who spends time with others “exchanges for unworthy ones.” Or you think that communication should be as informative as possible, respectively, “empty” conversations with uneducated men provoke you to think that you are spending time in an empty way. These factors can reduce sexual inhibition by anticipating unpleasant consequences when dealing with men who you consider smart, and stimulate attraction.

  2. Alternatively, you are a sapiosexual, and you are aroused by the mind in a person.

    It should be assumed that a really smart and educated person, as the classic said-you can be a good person and think about the beauty of your nails, will also have good manners, take care of yourself, with the bunnies of a gentleman, a sense of humor, and so on, which increases his attractiveness.

    P.S. By the way, I'm the captain of the ” What?Where?When?” and a prize-winner of a couple of city Olympiads, so if next weekend is free, I can arrange readings of German classics or calculate the integral there, if necessary.

  3. For you, it's just sex, and your dense instincts are sure that you will definitely get pregnant, and they force you to look for good intellectual genes for your children, immediately dismissing other options.

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