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    This phenomenon is called “mirror synesthesia”, and it is associated with mirror neurons, which were discovered by scientists in the 1990s-these neurons are excited when you observe an action, and send certain signals. Their work is necessary so that the individual can observe and learn from the original based on imitation of what it sees. And it is precisely because of mirror neurons that when you see a certain picture, you don't just empathize with what is happening (as in the case of empathy), but you seem to feel the same thing that you see.

  2. Yes, but of course much weaker.

    There is such a thing as empathy. There is emotional intelligence. Without all this, you will not be able to navigate in society. This is exactly the tool that allows you to decode other people's emotions. And even your own. This is also a situation modeling tool.

    If a person does not feel someone else's pain, he does not understand it, and does not know about it.

    Even psychopaths feel the pain of others, to some extent.

    In addition, there are logical reasons to feel someone else's pain, related to morals and attitudes. You know for sure that no one deserves to suffer, but here you are watching them in front of you.

    You have a guilt complex in front of innocent sufferers. Living in pain is sacral and, as it were, is a payment for joyful moments and good luck. The fee must be several times higher than the cost of the service. If there is no pain, then we are waiting for some grandiose tryndets in the near future.

    One way or another, we experience emotional pain not directly, but through a projection into our own consciousness. That is, the mechanism is similar for both your own and someone else's pain. If you couldn't interpret the situation, didn't learn enough information, or treat the situation in an alternative way, then you don't feel any pain.

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