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  1. There are several options:

    1) She was initially uninterested in you. For example, at the first meeting, I immediately understand whether I want to get to know this man further. If not, my answers to the questions become monosyllabic. I only ask questions out of politeness. I respond to text messages with a long delay and don't call back. I avoid the meeting in every possible way. I never have time for this man.�
    But there are also women who like to benefit from such fans. Then they behave differently, but any hint of physical intimacy causes them disgust.�

    2) Described above, the girl saw something in you that pushed her away.�

    3) You are doing the wrong thing for this particular girl. For example, give her roses, she likes tulips. You care about her too much, which causes rejection. She doesn't think you can feel her.�

    I totally disagree with the first speaker. I am not interested in a man who plays with me in the games of a spider with a fly: disappears, does not show attention, waits, weaves his web in this way. I will prefer a man with whom I will be comfortable on three planes: physical, rational and sensual. Ideally, there should be a fourth spiritual one.

  2. The fact that men sometimes consider caring and attention to the girl (waiting for return bonuses), for her may look like obsessive and even not quite adequate behavior, from the manifestations of which you want to run away. And then, the more “attention” you pay, the more distant the girl will be. Since it is often difficult for women to say a clear and direct “no”, they will do it in a more veiled way, using the method of “slipping away”.

  3. Forgive me here present girls who really believe that the more attention, the more they will love a man, but this is not the case in most cases.

    Shakespeare has a play and here's a fragment, even though it's said by a girl:

    Hermia�I furrow my brow as he loves me more and more.

    Elena�Such power — to my smile!

    Hermia�I swear it — the flame is brighter in it!

    Elena�Oh, if I could only soften it with entreaties!

    Hermia�The tougher I am, the more gentle he is with me!

    Elena�The more gentle I am, the tougher he is with me!

    I do not know how old you are, maybe you are just young and have not yet gained experience,but with girls everything is simple, if you look normal and know how to keep up a conversation, then you can stick a girl and the more the better, because you need to diversify not only your portfolio and the Russian economy, but also your choice in girls and believe

    As soon as you have gained experience, burned yourself, understood the nuances, you will be more and more cold-blooded to refusal, you will automatically not write to her and not show proper attention, but would increase her attraction to you, understand that she is courted by a dozen, if she is pretty and she chooses a man who will be more imposing with her and cold-blooded, alpha male

    But I'm not saying that you need to get acquainted and generally score not a girl, before that you need to arouse interest and then include your advantages

    While all this has not reached automatism, I suggest that you do not get hung up on one and get acquainted and get acquainted, in theory you can achieve any, but there are times when perseverance needs to be reserved for others and most importantly do not get hung up, now is the 21st century and everything is so not serious and easy unfortunately, that the girls themselves began to

    P.S read good fiction books, where there is something about the relationship between men and women, the same Huxley “counterpoint”, Shakespeare at worst

  4. During this time, she may have discovered traits and features in you that she didn't notice right away and that don't suit her. Not necessarily any shortcomings, it can be your lifestyle, worldview, choice of entertainment, attitude to money, some views on things and life in general, many possible reasons. You talked for a while, she realized that it's not her, it's normal, why choose a person who doesn't choose us?

    Perhaps you may have overdone the care and attention. Here you need to understand one detail: pay attention, take care of everything is fine, but not when it becomes the only interest in life, turns into an obsession, it will repel any normal person, because we all value freedom. Ideally, you take a step, she takes a step, you put the first brick, she adds the second to the foundation of your relationship. A girl who is interested in you will give a return investment from her side, even if it is minimal, if there is no interest, then you just need to be a man and accept it as a fact. Also, with this position, you will never be intrusive, which, of course, is a huge plus.

  5. The less we love a woman…

    In general, this statement is true only for relationships in which the girl does not feel love for the person. A loving girl does not lose interest from the attention and care shown to her, but on the contrary.

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