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  1. There is a point here: until you have formulated your idea, you can not say whether it is smart. You can formulate it in different ways : write a text, try to explain it in words, draw pictures and diagrams, or set up an experiment. And while all this is not there – it's not even a thought, but an emotion, a feeling that you have come up with something interesting. Therefore, you will have to somehow learn to formulate, first, in order to take a critical look at your ideas yourself, and then-in order to offer them to other people and get feedback from them. One of the most important functions of education is precisely this: people are not just taught other people's thoughts, but how they can be presented and argued. And in addition to classical education, there is the Internet, from which you can both learn something and post something of your own in a convenient form for you.

  2. Everything ingenious is simple! Practice will help you. Do not hesitate to sound unfounded,no one is immune from this. Read more and fill up your vocabulary.

  3. Perhaps because we don't think in words, but in images, and you have come up with an image of something for which there is no term yet, so you need to use the existing ones to define the term. And if the image is an abstraction of the second or higher order; or the entities through which it is necessary to define themselves have not yet acquired terms; or the already existing terms are multi-valued, the task of transmitting the image formally becomes much more complicated. Therefore, you need to try to formalize the image or idea every time: so there is a chance that they will not slip away, or that you will learn to better formulate your thoughts.

  4. Most likely, your level of understanding exceeds that of your surroundings. It also violates some generally accepted norms and values. Or they will, if you dig deeper into your understanding. Norms and values that are “sewn” into you.

    So you are simply afraid to articulate your understanding. To formulate it is to materialize it. To materialize means to make visible and accept. Live out of it. Develop further and deeper. This will definitely change your vision of yourself and the world, change the circle of your environment (not everyone will understand), and change your interests. that's what you're afraid of.

    This happens in highly developed individuals who have received a mediocre upbringing and are surrounded by a mediocre environment.

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