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  1. Well, in addition to the fact that a person is a social being, we can also say that we express and regulate ourselves through relationships with someone. We understand who we are, often through correlations of reactions to us. Through other people, we learn who we are, how we should behave, and why.

    You can also touch on such a concept as an incentive to live. Even if we say that we live only for ourselves, we would not be able to understand this without comparison with others. And at the same time, when we say this (“we live for ourselves”), we often lie: we are not as satisfied with loneliness and self-sufficiency as we want to show it to others. That is, in comparison with others, take a step higher. Sometimes it's a way to protect yourself, sometimes to calm yourself down. Although, indeed, there are people who are very self-sufficient, with adequate self-esteem, who are independent of the opinions of others.

    Often our goals are based on the concepts of adaptation to life. And life is an existence in society.

    It is possible, as an exaggerated analogy, to cite the example of pensioners who have just retired. Most of them are confused people who feel lost in this world. They have no place to rush, they lose the purpose of their existence, they no longer know how to express themselves as individuals. Having lost their usual social circle, they, as it were, lose themselves. And they start looking for themselves again in other social areas. Why do some grandmothers go somewhere in the morning? To meet the same grandmother on the bus, in the clinic. She doesn't need a clinic – she needs communication. On the bus on the way, in line, with doctors, even with the bald devil, just to feel alive through communication. Here I am, I exist. That is, give me at least some reaction to my existence.

    If it concerns relationships,then there is a deeper level. Confirmation of yourself, your thoughts, desires, a strong sense of involvement in the life of another. We get a deeper satisfaction from our own life, knowing that we have a person next to us, a “second half” who will support you, perhaps much better than you do yourself, protect you, calm you down.

    Because loneliness is really a terrible thing. We start to lose ourselves both physically and mentally by staying isolated for a long time. We can add that we stop developing completely, and in some ways degrade, because there is no one for whom and for what. Developing a loved one for yourself is too weak an incentive for motivation: everything will end faster than it starts.

  2. We are absolutely social beings, developing in society from the cradle. For happiness to be complete, a person must share their emotions and thoughts with others. If this does not happen, the person begins to mope as a result of deprivation.
    And we are also very afraid of being alone, because we know inwardly that we cannot survive in this world alone, like any other social being. In the “pack” comes peace, as you will be protected and fed.

  3. Hello, loneliness is not a fear, it is a person's choice that is beneficial to him at a certain period of life, which may not always be conscious. And there may be fear here if a person decides to live differently.

  4. You can answer like an idiot: A person is a social animal.

    You can write in addition: Loneliness is the fear of the majority and the happiness of the minority.

    I had fun, and now to the answer.

    In fact, your question is a great topic for reflection, because everything is situational.

    1) The person is afraid that there will be no one to look after him if something happens.(example: stroke)

    2) A person is afraid of becoming ill and closed in their thoughts.

    3) It is important for a person to exchange emo with someone. with energy: happy moments, experiences, fears, etc.

    4) Some people are ill with “competition” and when the object for “racing” disappears, development stops.

    5) Again, it is important to throw off your feelings, but this time to the person of the opposite sex. Exactly the person who is the face (reflection) of the personal comfort zone of a person.

    6) A person may be dependent on the feeling of “Someone needs me” and he needs a person who will load another person for various purposes(show weakness or offer cooperation in a particular case).

    7) Abusers… Do you need to explain that he will go crazy without draining his anger, so he is afraid of becoming lonely?

    8) The banal fear of “not inheriting on Earth”.

    In general, it all comes down to the fact that a person is afraid that he will achieve something, but he will have no one to share his achievements with, and in the end they will be useless.

    In general, the question is provocatively formulated and incorrect.

    What makes you think that the majority?

    What kind of “loneliness” do you mean?

    Temporary? Eternal(never cross paths with people)? Amorous loneliness(in society, but without a soulmate)?

    Well, I answered the toughest (in my opinion) varik. Try to follow the trend in points, analyze the final dependencies, and maybe you will find the answer you need.;)

    Good luck.

  5. Because on their own, a person could not have achieved what we have now. Civilizations, including our European ones, were created by a community of people, and not by one specific person. They were not created in a single day or year, but are still being created by billions of people on the planet. In this case, the leader would have no one to lead, and the weak would have no one to obey. People individually cannot exist, if only because there would be no banal reproduction of people.

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