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  1. For men, both masturbation and sexual intercourse with a partner brings the same pleasure. Not for women. Masturbation is not a substitute for sex with a man. I talk about this in my 8th issue of Sex Academy. I give you a link

  2. The difference is psychological, but there is no physical difference.�

    An excerpt from the LiveJournal of a current TQ member:


    What can be a happy ending for an onanist? In the process, everything goes well, in the fantasy everything is fine, but in the dry (sorry for the pun) remainder-a stain on the carpet and DEVASTATION. Familiar to anyone who has ever masturbated, the devastation after the finish line. After sex, you can smoke, hug your partner, watch a movie, go to the shower together, have a drink. After masturbation-emptiness, the picture ceases to be attractive. A crumpled notebook, a dirty carpet, a room, you need to go rinse your penis, wash your hands. “Mel, there are no dudes out there.”

    “There are no dudes” – that's what happens after the finish line. The girl is in the Philippines, you are in your little room. “There are no dudes there.”

  3. Because it's a psychological factor. Sex between two loving people brings you together and sets you to the same tune. (Unless, of course, you have a random person in bed-it's unlikely).

    Sex and masturbation are two healthy activities, but with constant masturbation, the mechanisms of sex may malfunction, and on the contrary, it is unlikely)


    Maybe I should make some effort to achieve sex? Or what negative consequences will this lead to? Am I going to live a boring life? Will I suffer from my abstinence? What exactly will I experience? Resentment for your weakness? Dissatisfaction with yourself? Can't feel like an adult? What else?

    “Wasn't sex much different from masturbation?”

    “Sex is more shocking than masturbation. And more worrisome. And weirder than jerking off.

    materials used here: https://vk.com/club161975798

  5. Masturbation is much better than sex. Because when you're aroused, you're satisfied, and you don't have to wait for anyone. You can't get pregnant, get HIV, or get STDs from masturbation. When you masturbate, you don't need to drink hormonal contraceptives and think about whether this goat is wearing a condom. When you masturbate, you can have 10 orgasms at the same time. And after masturbation, there is no emptiness (we, I do not know, like you, have a floor so depleted in fantasy that you need to look at something to masturbate), and nothing prevents you from listening to music, drinking good wine or watching a movie after it.

  6. Of course, such things are purely individual, and for someone masturbation is generally the only way to get pleasure.

    But it seems to me that the main difference is the “chemistry” between the partners. Also, many people are even more excited when they see how their partners get pleasure from their actions.

    The look, smell, touch of a loved one – an incomparable buzz imho

  7. And I don't think sex is better than masturbation. I like to masturbate because it gives me strength and I don't waste ANY EXTRA energy and emotions. Masturbation is our everything. I'm not kidding.

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