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  1. The answer to this question lies in the very concept of personality. In the broadest sense, we use the word personality to denote or characterize a person. However, in the social sciences, this term has a slightly different meaning.�

    Personality is a concept developed to reflect the social nature of a person, consider him as a subject of socio-cultural life, define him as a carrier of an individual principle that self-reveals in the context of social relations, communication and subject activity. Personality is understood as a stable system of socially significant traits that characterize an individual as a member of a particular society or community.

    Therefore, a person is more likely a person who has a certain character and a set of skills that have authority in society. The ability to relate one's needs and values to social ones means just taking on socially significant traits, limiting one's own desires and stepping on the throat of selfishness. To the extent that you relate to society and achieve some success by accepting the rules of the game, you correspond to the concept of personality from the point of view of social studies.

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