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  1. We turn black inside from the gray reality. Home-work-home. If earlier, at the age of 13-19, we saw a riot of colors in life and everything seemed so alive, now routine devours. Moreover, we have begun to realize the scarcity of our minds, the stampede of the system, and the bright future that seemed very close to us now seems like a mirage.

    But this is only a moment of life. If the taste was there, but for some reason disappeared, it may also suddenly return. It is worth changing something – the point of view on difficulties, on problems, even on routine.

    I was once told that the point of view depends on the point of sitting)

    Change seats.

  2. because with age, the taste of death increases-worries, illnesses, difficulties, growing responsibility ( children, grandchildren), broken illusions of youth and inner disappointment from unfulfilled dreams and expectations of fairy tales, accumulation of internal contradictions from the discrepancy between aspirations, motives, desires and reality, reaping the mistakes of youth, etc.

    Although I still want to make a reservation – all this is a portrait of a person who did not find the source of Life in this life, I apologize for the tautology. Therefore, it “fades out”. Simply put – this is a sentence to all the children of Adam-violation of the commandments-you will die by death, and all of the above + many more things-this is an ever-increasing death.

    For the righteous, however, everything is different :

    13 The righteous man flourishes like a palm tree, and stands like a cedar in Lebanon.

    14 Planted in the house of the LORD, they flourish in the courts of our God;

    15 Even in their old age they are fruitful, juicy, and fresh.

    16 To declare that the LORD, my rock, is just, and that there is no unrighteousness in him.

    (Psalm 91: 13-16)

  3. A lot of negative information accumulates: bad thoughts, feelings of irritation, outbursts of anger, resentment, etc.�

    Our thoughts and experiences are material, and are with us, they do not disappear instantly, but accumulate in the psyche, even if we are now in the operational mind and do not feel them.

    Everyone has the experience of “returning” a certain amount of taste to life after a bath, during walks in the woods, after a good physical activity, swimming in a large natural reservoir, etc. There is a certain mechanism for partially dropping this heavy mentality, which presses and depresses the original pure, childish taste for life.�

    But this is only a partial solution to the problem, but it can also significantly help in light cases that are not missed. This is all quite scientific, studied and practical.

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