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  1. This is the result of centuries-old tabooing of this topic, including criminal prosecution, which ended in developed countries only half a century ago. After a while, of course, the wave of excitement will subside, at least in the same developed countries, and it will take us a little longer.

  2. Initially, the topic of homosexuality became widely discussed in the 60s, when there was a struggle for equality in various fields. Having put this issue on the political agenda, having largely resolved issues of racial, religious, and sexual discrimination, and putting it to the credit of the democratic regime of government, States have no moral right to continue discriminating against LGBT people. Hence the adoption of laws to protect, conduct educational campaigns, and fight myths in popular culture. In Russia, however, having chosen a course of confrontation with the civilized world, these changes are portrayed as a clear sign of the degradation of the West, and the fight against LGBT people is used to rally the population around the leader. And the LGBT people themselves are no longer becoming more visible, they just become more visible, stop hiding, accept their orientation and fight discrimination.

  3. Homosexuality cannot be fashionable or not, because a person's sexual orientation is not a choice. If we can choose which bow to wear today and which one to wear tomorrow, then sexuality is something we are born with and live with. Just like the color of your skin or eyes, it can't be changed during your lifetime. The only choice is whether to live openly, be ourselves, or hide our sexuality and relationships.

    Now, when other countries, one after another, recognize that love is a human right and pass laws legalizing same-sex marriage, we have a law banning “gay propaganda”adopted in 2013. This law prohibits us not only from starting a family with those with whom we want, but even from speaking openly about our rights: we are not allowed to coordinate rallies and human rights actions, and any unauthorized action is violently dispersed by the police.

    Of course, any action creates a counteraction: educated and enlightened people, politicians and world-class celebrities support the LGBT community in Russia. This creates a hype, because in this case the newspapers have something to write about. For example, in November 2017, Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst came to St. Petersburg for the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival. The media immediately spread an unsubstantiated rumor that she would not be allowed into the country, because she is-holy, holy, holy-a woman with a beard! In fact, of course, the artist did not have any problems with entry.

    There are no more homosexual people, we just become more open and not ashamed of ourselves. And as long as any otherness of people causes aggression of the majority, we will have to talk a lot about it – in different languages.

  4. Yes, it's mostly fashion. Now it's fashionable to be just like everyone else, a freak. Only 1% of this entire LGBT population has a congenital pathology, the rest acquired it in the course of upbringing (or rather, its absence) and life. Homosexuality has been successfully treated and is being treated by psychiatrists – the main desire of the patient himself. The same applies to transgender people.

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