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  1. Because we think “from Russia”. Both figures featured on the cover, before the attack on Russia, fought inside this very West.

    As it is, everyone attacks each other. Now it's getting rarer, but it's just that wars are moving to another level.

  2. Because Europe only experienced two world wars in the 20th century, in which they killed each other — enlightened Europeans and unconditional supporters of human rights and other things. To prevent this from happening again, the EU project was invented, which meant the abolition of European nations and state sovereignty to a minimum, while simultaneously creating a common and blurred European. As you can see, the project is cracking. In such a situation, all the accumulated steam must be released somewhere to the side, and Russia is ideally suited to the image of a virtual enemy.

  3. To understand the absurdity of this question, it is enough to pay attention to the historical context in which the West attacks Russia. The same Napoleon did not have the goal of conquering Russia, he waged wars of conquest, moving east in several directions, and naturally reached Moscow.

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