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  1. And what is justice?)) so that everyone lives the same way?))
    but let me tell you, people are different externally, internally ( genes, for example), according to their abilities. temperament, aspiration.
    how can they live the same life and want the same things?
    Yes, the range of human desires is quite common for everyone. but we see the fulfillment of our desires in different ways.

    As for “morality” – that's how people came up with it. it doesn't exist in nature. no biological community is morally deficient.
    Man created it artificially, as an idea, and to be honest, you need to understand that the idea can be any and that morality is different with each century.

  2. Because justice is a social concept invented by people for their own survival. And the rest of the world lives by other laws (for example, by the laws of the jungle).

  3. Fair. If you look not at individual pieces of it, but as a whole. Cause-and-effect relationships work like clockwork. Better than a watch. Always. No exceptions. Any situation that any living being has at any given time – it deserves. Everything is the fruit of our personal efforts. Also, any of our actions, words, thoughts will bear fruit. It is often very difficult to trace cause and effect. You seem to be just in a bad mood, or a random person made you shit. Or vice versa, it is not known where happiness came from (money, love – anything). Only at first glance, everything seems random. In fact, everyone gets exactly what they deserve. Always. No exceptions.

  4. because the person who creates it, inhabits it, develops it by himself, and is most often guided by his own selfish, personal interests. Justice is the same root word with the words truth, righteousness, and this usually causes the least interest among people, and if it causes only its own, parochial, national, ethnic, tribal, group, private truth, which in fact is not the truth, but is still the same egoism disguised in the search and defense of their personal interests.�

    However, you should not despair – after all, life puts everything in its place and justice, although the chances of losing are always triumphant.

  5. Justice is the identity of the work performed and the remuneration received for it, or vice versa, the damage caused and the severity of the punishment. That is, in fact, it is responsibility for actions, the measure of which should be determined by society. But since this measure is determined not by the whole society, but only by a small part of it, it is more profitable for this part to stand out in a separate class of “respected people” / “elite” / bourgeoisie and impose their own orders and laws on everyone else, instilling that such a system is the most just or that justice is impossible in principle because”people are not equal”. And they do it quite well, because they manage not only the media, but also educational institutions. And most people, for some reason, are unshakably confident in what they were taught in school.

  6. It should be noted that ideas about justice differ. It is considered correct to consider fair what seems fair to the majority. But many people have different ideas about justice. I will give you an example about slaves: one slave wants to stop being a slave and get slaves himself. The 2nd wants to be fed better and given more freedom. 3-th builds a fantasy of how to escape. The 4th wants a rebellion and the release of other slaves. 5-th also requires the destruction of slavery itself. All that they demand will be based on the idea of justice, and it is different for everyone.

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