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  1. when you want to declare your love, a lot of questions arise in your head ( like ” is it mutual?) . even if you remember each of your shared moments, you won't be able to determine for sure , because you can only understand it with time . if you are afraid of being rejected, then it is generally better not to admit your love if you are not sure of reciprocation .

    I have a very good example of a failed confession . my friend talked to a girl from the 1st grade . they had a very good friendship, but in the 10th grade, he decided to confess his love to her . and now what ? it's been 4 years, and they don't communicate .

  2. Why is someone afraid of heights, darkness, etc.? I know people to whom confessing your love is the easiest task.

    Most likely, the person who wants to confess is afraid of seeing an unpleasant reaction. “What if she just makes fun of me? Nightmare. What should I do then?! Shame on you.”

  3. Because then you admit, then you say directly that you are dependent on this person. You are afraid that you are showing your weakness, and you are afraid that the person will take advantage of the situation and start taking advantage of you. Therefore, when you confess your feelings, you must absolutely trust the person. But trust is a very fragile thing. I've never said directly and seriously that I love you. Although I wanted to once, I was afraid that I would be left alone and this person would hurt me. In the end, I don't regret it. But it's everyone's choice.

  4. Because by confessing your high feelings to someone, you automatically declare, in fact, that you are at the mercy of all your orders. And the moment of recognition is perceived as a point of no return, because your future fate is decided by someone else.�

    To make it a little clearer: here you have a loaded gun, and you pass it to ANOTHER PERSON. And you put his hand to your temple. At the same time, you are not able to influence the future behavior of this person in any way. Therefore, it is easier for us to talk about our love to our family and loved ones: here there is mutual trust.�

    P.S. I've never really understood the whole heartbreak tragedy and why people take rejection so hard. Hey, there are no irreplaceable ones, and the gun at your temple or heart is nothing more than a figment of your imagination, clouded by the play of hormones. Be bold, people.�


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