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  1. Envy in the material world is a natural state. All people are envious, because the entire material society cultivates this envy. Advertising, for example, affects this quality of people. The consumer society is a society of total envy of all for all. We constantly need what others have and we don't. As a result, only grossly expressed envy causes protest, when a person is no longer able to control it and is ready to take rough measures to satisfy this envy. However if you are able to control envy i.e. if you don't show your desires to everyone, then you don't seem to have any envy. But this is an illusion, there is envy and it eats you from the inside and everyone knows it, but they pretend. Such is the world of deceivers and the deceived.�

    It is very difficult to get rid of envy, because this quality of a person is now the main thing and it is cultivated by everyone , it is in fact the engine of modern progress. But you can still get rid of envy, the main religions teach this, but you need to decide whether you want it, because as a result you will oppose yourself to the system of consumption, and therefore to the whole society.

  2. This is an emotion, but it is manifested at a certain point in time. In fact, envy can be regarded as a desire to possess something (perhaps even someone), this is a constant comparison, perhaps some dissatisfaction with the well-being and achievements of other people.�

    I do not like to divide this emotion into “black” and “white”, because based on my own subjective opinion, I believe that this is still a manifestation of negativism of the individual, so I can only say that “white” has only a distinctive feature in the productivity of the person who experiences it (that is, he does not just sit and spit poison, but begins to do something).�

    It can appear for many reasons, but the main one I think is a kind of”dislike in childhood”. In other words, your parents simply didn't teach you to accept who you are. Getting a small share of unconditional love can contribute to the development of complexes and as a result, a little man grows up who does not know how to enjoy life at all, because he received praise in childhood only for completing any tasks. As a result: a lot of complexes, self-restrictions, beliefs, sacrifice, self-criticism and general dissatisfaction. And envy comes precisely from the general origins of an unmet need for something.�

    Low self-esteem and general aggression can also significantly affect the manifestation of this emotion, but it all depends, respectively, on the social situation of development in which the child directly lived during his growing up.�

    In fact, hard reflection and answers to the following questions will help: Where did I get this feeling? What do I really want? What will it do for me? Do I want that person to lose it?�

    Well, if you still have envy as a parasite of your emotional background, then you have too much free time to think about other people's success and sit out your life in a destructive environment of your own. Get busy, find a hobby and something that will make you happy, set yourself at least small goals and start enjoying your success yourself. Well, appreciate what you have.

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