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  1. Since you are talking about the “biological” side of the question, the craving for a specific male and for receiving offspring from him that your “lizard” brain (stem structures responsible for instinctive behavior) experiences concerns only you. Smells, facial expressions, gestures, behavior, timbre and tempo of speech, and genetic characteristics tell you that you should get offspring from this male. But this does not mean that the male's “lizard brain” suggests the same thing about you.�

    Accordingly, reciprocity”should not”.

    But it is much easier to find community on an emotional and intellectual level, and the chances of doing so are much greater. For, among other things, emotions and intelligence are subject to conscious control – which the “lizard brain” is almost inaccessible to.�

    Modern man in general is much more “imprisoned” not on instinctive behavior, but on rational-conscious. And in this behavior, the chances of reciprocity are much greater.

  2. For some reason, I wanted to answer this question. Although relationships are not my topic )

    Here you can not even discuss that biological compatibility in love is not a fact. That, perhaps, someone met-just being biologically compatible-not in love, but in unrequited love.

    Just biological compatibility, if there is, then it concerns just falling in love. Love is, of course, a much bigger story )

    Love is a relationship at the level of the psyche, and not just one biology.�

    Roughly speaking, biology is responsible for feelings, but not for giving them meaning. And love is a search for washed away life )

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