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  1. Think of it this way:

    You walk down the hall, moving from one room to another .

    Now you've entered another room.

    What can I do here? You can walk dejectedly to the next door, whining that everything is bad, or run in circles like everyone else does.

    And you can collect a maximum of nishtyakov from the surrounding space.

    Admire them, enjoy them. Maybe even come up with something of your own and do it.

    The fact is, whatever this room really is, we all go through it.. and we are left with the choice of how to do it. Fun and to your heart's content, or dull .

    The choice is yours.

  2. Why is it so necessary to have a global meaning?)
    if you have no reason to live, you don't need anything, you don't want to check in anywhere, you don't care if other people love you or not – that's just YOUR problem.

    Humanity lives perfectly well without a higher meaning.

  3. Your question is from the category ” What is the meaning of life?” and you're partly right, for the most part it doesn't make any sense. But no one can give you an unambiguous answer, because each person has their own vision in this regard.

    Even if it's a simulation in your head or you're in a coma, it won't affect your life in any way. Therefore, all that remains is to be content with what we have and use our advantages and disadvantages in order to live the life that you dream of. Yes, it doesn't make any sense, but it doesn't mean that you need to waste it. After all, reaching out to everything you can reach is much better than not even trying. I'm sure you won't get a second chance.

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