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  1. As far as I remember in the book, Mowgli did not burn the village, but “set the jungle on it,” and this did not happen in one day. Animals were grazing in the fields, and predators were calling out near the houses. People were simply afraid of this siege and left, and the already deserted village was ravaged by elephants. Not a single person from this village was killed.�

    The reason for the expulsion of the inhabitants was that they were going to kill the woman who called Mowgli “her” son “and her husband. Mowgli helped them escape, and the wolves accompanied them, guarding them on the way. This couple went to a certain locality where there are Englishmen “who do not allow people to be burned indiscriminately.” The villagers were going to execute them as sorcerers and plunder their property ( they were not poor people by village standards)

    Kipling, in addition to “Mowgli” is very much something to read. I also really like his ” Kim ” and “Lights Out”.

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