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  1. It's not very clear what “tender feelings” are… Do you want to cuddle a fluffy cat at night and kick it in the morning?

    But if without too much irony, then I will add the following to the answer of VL VLAD LIGHTMYFIRE: the rhythm of the time of day makes its own adjustments. This has been built into us since prehistoric times. During the day, the Neanderthal hunted a mammoth in the field and knocked on the cheeks of some mastodon or archiopteryx, and in the evening-returned to a cozy cave with a fire and a native furry woman. Fatigue always provokes tenderness, as a certain payment for rest.

  2. There is an assumption that in the morning/afternoon the human brain is tuned to solve some business problems, and in the evening/night it switches to feelings and emotions.

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