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  1. Leo Tolstoy will be responsible:

    “It's nice to eat, sleep, even defecate in a clean place, i.e. it's nice to get dirty. So is it morally. This makes the virginity of both body and soul pleasant — to have the pleasure of polluting it.” (Leo Tolstoy. From notebooks for 1894)

    The point is that this is how a person manifests his being. It's nice to realize your power: tear off a leaf, pinch grass, break a match, leave footprints in the snow, break ice in a puddle. There are a million examples! Only I am convinced that this is not a mania to break everything around me, but a desire to prove to myself that “I can”

  2. Because it's interesting, at least to me. If it's grass, you can chew it; if it's a lilac flower, you can smell it as you monotonously cross the asphalt carpet; and if it's a twig, you can just break it completely, because our hands are not for boredom.

  3. Maybe I will surprise you a lot and even destroy your world to some extent, but not all people do this. For example, I don't do that. Moreover, when I walk past trees, I don't notice the mass tearing of leaves from them by other people at all. So the question is “why?” you have to ask yourself. Why do you think this question even exists?:)

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