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  1. You can, but not for long) You can run away from Reality, but it will still catch up. The search for the meaning of life is really a search for yourself, a way to return to yourself.

  2. I have horse racing. Periods I just live, YOLO, life to live is not a field to go, well, everything in this plan. After a certain period of time, the same philosophy comes to me from the other side of the category “why clean the bed, still go to bed”. Going to work, I think why I go – we will still die, why I go to the sea we will still die. Well, everything in this plan. I have suicidal thoughts, and then I remember Alice in Wonderland: if it doesn't make sense, maybe I should invent it. Here work helps out: I am a teacher, I give my best, my children become my future life, my thoughts (not all of them, of course) will remain at least partially in at least one person. Something like that

  3. Each person must find exactly their own meaning of life, it is different for everyone, and depends on the accumulated experience. For someone, the meaning of life can be a job that they like, for someone their favorite family, and there are also those who believe that there is no meaning to life, you just need to live and enjoy every moment.

  4. The meaning of life is needed only by the logical mind, if a person has identified with it and passes everything through it (and by the age of 15-20 this happens to everyone), then the mind begins to live as a person, and not as a person with the mind. Then he begins to look for meaning, expediency, etc. Initially, we are awareness in the form of people, there is awareness in the form of animals or plants, for example, but there is a different level of awareness. As we age, the system takes us over and moves us to the left hemisphere (the logical mind that creates thoughts and internal dialogue). There are people who have realized their true nature, they do not consider themselves people or the mind, they have stopped the internal dialogue, they feel their soul very clearly and understand the single nature of consciousness, that it came from a single source and is projected into everything. Our ancestors called this phenomenon the Creator, then someone coined the term god, god is a human concept and does not reflect the essence of the phenomenon. To be free from the mind, you need to work on yourself, eat only the right live food. There is such a system of self-improvement https://www.protokoly.ru / u / 5hcs – this is much faster than meditating for 20 years in the mountains. Here you can clear your mind in just a few months and get an amazing effect.

  5. People are looking for the meaning of life in order to justify their existence. The justified and meaningful existence of a person is morally much more pleasant than the feeling of complete meaninglessness of an orderly and chaotic existence. People who have this very meaning are easier to build their dreams and goals, are determined with personal preferences and worldview. This is a kind of pivot around which your “tree of life” grows and flourishes. For some, the search itself makes sense. The meaning of life is the main idea of your life. His quest can be the ultimate pleasure. And the absence is flour.�

    Plus, there are people who are attracted to processes, while others mostly appreciate the result. Wh and with regard to life and its content in general.

  6. apparently, you are inclined to hedonism-Hedonism (other Greek: наслаждениеδονή – “pleasure”, “pleasure”) is an ethical teaching, according to which pleasure is the highest good and the goal of life.

    There are a lot of other teachings explaining life and its purpose in a different way. And so, in order not to make a mistake in life, a person seeks his own truth and truth.

    Imagine that you, for example, an iPhone, but in the hands of a certain aboriginal are used to chop coconuts with it – you can certainly learn to “enjoy the process”, but you understand that you are not used for the intended purpose.

  7. It is important to understand that the “meaning of life” is just an abstraction. When a person is looking for the “meaning of life”, he is looking for the place where he will be most comfortable. I don't think that people who are satisfied with everything ask about the “meaning of life”. Usually, such reasoning comes to mind when a person is in search of himself or is immersed in his own problems, and the search process itself serves as a way to abstract from his own problems, to get away from them.

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