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  1. Because for men, this is a kind of confirmation of their own worth. Thus, a man proves to himself that he is in demand among women, is popular. This is one of the ways to satisfy your “ego” and also say to others- ” look, I can!”.

    In fact, this phenomenon has its roots in very distant times. It used to be the norm for a man to have a lot of women, and this tradition is still observed in many Eastern countries. The purpose of a man from a physiological point of view is to leave behind as many offspring as possible. Today, this is not so relevant, but the trend somewhere at the level of genetic memory still persists.

    The influence of society also plays a big role, the model of relationships in the family, even the popularity of the guy in school times. All this adds up to one big puzzle, the essence of which is to meet as many girls as possible.

    Perhaps the man is just looking for the right one – this is not excluded. If he finds a woman who will really suit her in everything, whom he will love with all his heart, he will stop his love affairs and settle down.

    Don't be surprised if your next friend starts telling you how many girls he's had. It is likely that he has problems with self-esteem or serious complexes.

  2. Well, that's obvious. The more girls you have, the cooler you are among other men. As long as modern society encourages this animal behavior in films, songs, and television, it will continue to do so.

    On one side of the scale is a man who was able to live his life with one beloved companion and do many good things for society, on the other is a lustful animal whose goal was to satisfy his insatiable itch in his pants. Who is better? Who sets the example of a real man?

    I don't think there's anything to brag about. You're just a loser who doesn't know how to build strong human relationships. Who spent all his life and energy searching for a new female. You were only following the path of least resistance, and you never understood the purpose of life. And at the end of your life, you're alone, because you haven't found a relationship where someone really loves you.

  3. Good time of day.

    Some people have prejudices. Someone has needs. Someone just wants to appear cool. Someone wants to show off in front of their friends later. A lot of things in the head of men. BUT! All men under one comb is not necessary. There are also those who have found their soul mate and are faithful to her., in everything. They are content with what they have: beauty, intelligence, support, charm, and so on. Just for someone who has found his soul mate, found his treasure, no one is needed. And not the fact that before her, the man had many girls.

  4. All men are different. Stereotypical, yes. Everyone has their own reasons – someone raises self-esteem, someone gains status, someone just tries to get into the “circle of favorites”. And another 100500 reasons.

    Not stereotypically, in my subjective opinion, every man keeps this information to himself. First of all, because of respect for yourself and a woman.

    The age of a man also often depends on whether he talks about his “12 exploits” or not.

    Sex is a personal matter. Here's what I think

  5. Good afternoon.

    Apparently, there is nothing more to be proud of…
    Not by building and maintaining family relationships…
    Not by building your own house or buying an apartment..
    Not because the specialist is in his place…
    Not by achieving results in sports…

    And most importantly, not by being aware of yourself and the universe…
    Prides himself on nothing… so it tries to throw out energy through the lower chakras

  6. Because he has a narrow mind and poor upbringing. In his system of values, such behavior as a male baboon is considered a cause for pride.

    You can enjoy it, you can strive for it, you can enjoy it, you can get carried away with it. But there's nothing to be proud of.

    You can be proud of your wife, your beloved. And even, maybe, some one extraordinary woman who was/is with you.

    Being proud of the quantity is ridiculous. It's like being proud of the number of cakes you've eaten.

    And the question of quality comes to mind)))

  7. When I was in school, I noticed one interesting paradox; guys who had real sex with girls did not brag about it, but those who, as they say, were not allowed to say that they fucked a bunch of girls, although in fact they only dealt with two trouble-free ladies, Dunka Kulakova and Manka Ladoshkina.

  8. Two big universal reasons.

    1. Nature. The male is biologically programmed to propagate genetic material.

    1. Social programming. There is a lot that can be attributed here, but pride in the number of partners is a natural consequence of the perception of yourself as a sexually strong man. A man wants to identify with the image of power, no matter what that image is, and the number of partners is a common proxy in society. Biology in this regard also condones this.

    Another angle from which to look at this feeling of pride is the question:

    Why is a man who has had few girls ashamed of being compared to men who have had many?

    The answers to this question are identical to the answers above.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  9. Probably because he has nothing else to be proud of. Most likely, this is almost the only thing in which he succeeded. And in the meantime, he, for example, is completely unsuccessful in his career or, perhaps, has no interests in life, maybe this person is limited in himself.

    Or he has some kind of paddocks of his own, because of which the number of women he has is in the foreground

  10. I had a friend once. It is a friend, because in my life he gave me good advice. I don't know how many women he had, but they just hung out for him. I will tell you only about one example. I remember sitting in a cafe with him, me, and two others. The waitress approaches and easily invites him to have sex for free. He points at us and says, ” I can't live without them.” She refused. This was the only truly irresistible man I ever met in my life. I don't know what outwardly he clung to them, he behaved modestly, was married and loved his wife very much.

  11. Men made it up themselves to make it comfortable for them to copulate with everything, while tabooing and condemning women's sexual freedom, in a word, they adjusted this world to themselves.

    Hypersexuality says only one thing – a person is not capable of real relationships and sincere feelings. I advise girls to avoid such baboons by the tenth road and never agree to one-time sex, because you think that this is just a mutual act, and he is sure that you “fucked”, “you* * al”, etc.

  12. It would be good to specify exactly which man. If this is the hero of your novel, perhaps this is the result of low self-esteem. In the case of generalization, not all of them are

  13. I answered similar questions using the links:



    The double standards of patriarchal morality condemn polygamous and short-term relationships in women, while in men, on the contrary, they are largely encouraged, if they are condemned, then less often and to a lesser extent, and for men, different sexual behavior, both monogamous and polygamous, is more often considered more acceptable. Masculinity norms make it easier for high-income and powerful men to find sexual relationships, while this control reduces the chances of other men finding sexual relationships and reduces women's chances of sexual satisfaction. Control over sexuality can be a form of power in the home, usually illusory for men, a form of control over the population, and women's sexuality is easier to control, since it is not directly related to reproductive function, or associated with the support of other patriarchal gender norms. Also, among men, mostly rich, there was a tradition of controlling that they are the father of the heir. If women's monogamy and men's polygamy had biological causes, women's polygamy would likely be encouraged by most men.

    For many men, society encourages the association of sexuality with various forms of selfish and aggressive behavior in sexual relationships. Such behavior is often considered a confirmation of masculinity, and in polygamous, short-term relationships or in relationships that are not based on strong feelings, society encourages men to show more sexual selfishness. There are ideas about sex as a service that a woman provides to a man, yielding to him, and patriarchal ideas include the perception of sex as the power of a man and the subordination of a woman. Men should strive for equal relationships, respect the personality and interests of women, including in sex, regardless of the type of relationship, and emotional intimacy between partners is possible in less “serious” relationships. Voluntary sexual relations with mutual consent, desire and pleasure should be considered a personal matter without judging women by the double standards of Puritanical morality, and men who are not inclined to polygamy should also not be required to prove their “success”to anyone.

  14. adequately because. that almost any man is interested in success with women.

    this is important for us.

    and sex is one of the simplest indicators of this success.

  15. It's like previous jobs, the more of them, the more your skills, the more you can do. This is like a security guarantee that you are not a sucker, that you will not disappoint.

  16. Man is a great sower by nature. It should multiply at every opportunity, or rather sow, fertilize. Society tries to control this reflex as best it can, but it turns out how it turns out.

  17. This is due to the fact that the more females a male had in the primitive tribe of our ancestors, the higher rank he had. Therefore, men like to brag about the number of their sexual partners. And subconsciously, such a man is perceived as “macho”. For a female, on the contrary, the number of sexual partners indicated her low rank in the tribe, because the lowest-ranked female allowed the most males to approach her. Therefore, women, unlike men, tend not to advertise their sexual relations. It turns out that at the subconscious level, a man who has a lot of women is perceived as “macho”, and a woman who often changes men, on the contrary, as “Light-skinned”. And there's nothing you can do about it, it's an innate pattern of perception, a legacy of our ancestors who lived in a strict hierarchy, and where the highest-ranked male had the most females. Read more in the book “Smoldering Angel Wings”

  18. I read on the forum a comment from one guy who frankly told how he broke up with a girl, and that he still had girls. This is a sign of a frivolous infantile person, because the essence of a deep serious relationship is family and children. There are pick-ups, there are womanizers, there are gulens, and there are manipulative narcissists. There are guys from the category of “Pomatrosit and throw” and “Tired-found another”. There are those who only need sex and nothing more, and there are those who want to change girls, but with such you should not even try to build a serious relationship.�

    Simply put, people are divided into two types: Those who want a serious relationship, family and children, and those who do not need it. Womanizers, gulens, pick-ups, and those who have or have had a considerable number of partners do not cause positive emotions in any way. If a guy is sitting on dating sites and is looking for girls for intimate pleasures, this is a sign of gulen and pikapery. If he changes girls like gloves, then what good is that? This is a sign of a small mind, and also means that it is not serious, unstable and fickle person, and extremely infantile. Another problem is that pick-ups and those who have had many women can be contagious (gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, HIV, etc.) A reasonable and serious, irrational girl does not want to be used and deceived.�

    Yes, there are a lot of guys who make a fool of themselves, and then the typical “We need to break up” begins./ I don't need you.” For some reason, there are those who believe that having a lot of girls is cool, and that this is a sign of an alpha male. In fact, they are narrow-minded individuals with frivolous intentions and low needs.�

  19. Because the whole society teaches us from childhood that if you have had a lot of sexual relations with women, then you are popular (they mean they want you), experienced. Women themselves appreciate experienced men in sex. Well, if you are so screwed, then you will either lie like a fisherman, or spin your unfortunate love story and a half so that the audience thinks that you are an incorrigible ladies ' man.

    Take it and change society. Start constantly shaming men (as society shames women, slutshaming) from childhood for changing mistresses, everywhere from all TV screens to say: “The fewer women he had, the better.”So you'll see how soon men will start hiding and talking: “No, really, there was nothing. So I went to the movies with a girl!”

    And vice versa, start praising women for having had many lovers, saying: “She is so experienced, she will do something to you that you will lose consciousness, you will walk like in cartoons, you will go crazy”, so on the contrary – all women will start telling what kind of experienced mistresses they are.

  20. Because it is a socially approved behavior that is encouraged by both men and many women. As long as gender biases are not replaced by other stereotypes, some men will meet the needs at the fourth stage of the Maslow pyramid, bragging about the number of sexual partners.

  21. because it means he's attractive and gets fucked well. otherwise, he would have nothing to tell.
    practice, however, shows that those who really have something to brag about, usually keep it to themselves.

    one of the respondents below correctly pointed out (except that she used the word “monogamous” incorrectly – it just means exactly the opposite) that in the traditional approach to human sexuality, this is considered as a criterion for evolutionary success.

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