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  1. Perhaps because all the most interesting, delicious, pleasant, joyful things happen only TOMORROW. It seems to me that it is worth living out of curiosity-what else interesting things will happen in your life, and how you can use it. Agree – life is a terribly interesting thing!

  2. To live, well, maybe because after death your existence is not guaranteed and this is the only way to exist 100%? While existing, I have a chance to experience something positive, change something, learn something, but a dead person probably can't.
    In the end, only when you are alive can you seek psychological help that will help you overcome the difficulties in life.

  3. Why should I live? I want to make a movie and for this I need knowledge. I want to go camping and I need the courage to do it. I want to play guitar and I need energy to do that. I want my family, and for that I need love. All this I can only do in life. Not in death.

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