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  1. Definitely not for the money. Literature is a way of transmitting knowledge through a system of verbal symbols. It has its own laws and techniques. If you study this, you can help people choose books, evaluate books, understand books, teach humanity to read, and develop critical thinking in children. But if you think that reading is better , then study something else. Many people have been discouraged from reading by literary studies. All these things cannot be monetized without other life talents and inclinations, that is, you will not earn anything from literature alone and will not save the world. But you can use it as a tool.

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  2. Literature is the transmission of feelings, it is, so to speak, a language. Literature is an art form. Literature is our value. With the help of literature, you can make people happy.

  3. Fiction as an art form provides experience, knowledge about the world, and broadens one's horizons.

    To paraphrase Yu. M. Lotman, literature gives us a certain reflection of the world. You can look at life through other people's eyes, and this encourages empathy.

    In addition, bibliotherapy as a kind of “treatment” is based on reading books.

    That is, properly selected literature not only develops, disciplines, but also corrects behavior, heals the psyche. Isn't that enough?

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