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  1. For the same reason that there are separate championships in all other sports.

    The possibilities are different, which excludes equal competition.�

    The twenty-first century has absolutely nothing to do with it: this situation will always continue.

  2. In fact, chess is not divided into men's and women's games. There is a general championship tournament, and a women's tournament among others, to be precise. The part of the competition in which the champion is determined, which you probably consider “male”, is only the final stage of many qualifying cycles of the strongest grandmasters. But due to the fact that almost no women make their way to it, a separate women's tournament was invented. The winner of this tournament, by the way, is automatically invited to the championship series of the best grandmasters. It is believed that it seems like the current Chinese champion has a chance to dilute the men's company. Why this happens is not clear for certain. Once upon a time this was explained by the physiology of the brain, although it is difficult to prove it scientifically and the theory is dead. Then it was considered (mainly among feminists) that the reason was the lower availability of professional chess for girls. I even think that the TV series “The Queen”was commissioned for production with this subtext. But now it's completely pointless to talk about unavailability, so this theory has disappeared.

    By the way, there is another sport that has nothing to do with the physiology of the body, but where only men are represented, although women can also participate. This is piloting sports cars. But, alas, in Formula 1, the best female result, if I remember correctly, is 4th place in some Grand Prix (that is, just on some separate track).

  3. The question is somewhat incorrect, since no one forbids women to play with men. There are many tournaments in which women play together with men explicitly (that is, it has become an established tradition). As a rule, these are large “Swiss women” (the most famous example is Gibraltar). At many tournaments (including those held under the auspices of FIDE, for example, at the World Rapid and Blitz Championships), no one forbids women to play together with men in the Open (Open) championship, but for some reason women prefer to play in the women's section.

    Modern chess players have no chance to compete for the world title, as they will not be able to enter the Candidates Tournament under any circumstances. If you allocate special quotas for women, this will dramatically reduce the level of the tournament and will not allow strong male chess players to compete for a ticket to the match. At the same time, women will still not have the opportunity to win the Candidates Tournament.

    The same women who are at least in the TOP-100 of the FIDE rating (in the modern world, this is only Hou Yifan), calmly play with men and even receive invitations to super tournaments. And Judit Polgar (in 2005-the 8th person in the world) generally fought for the title of FIDE World Champion.

  4. In most sports, there is a division not only by gender, but also by age. The presence of many junior and veteran competitions does not affect anyone?�One girl recently won medals at both the Olympics and the Paralympics in table tennis. Is this discrimination against the healthy or disabled?

    Men have a biological advantage in sports and many other activities. Only the alternately gifted can seriously argue with this fact.

  5. I don't understand “why women and men” are always fighting ” each other . One example of � is always �enough to prove � that she was no worse no sillier and no less in trouble through life. Why do you need “constant” confirmations? �It's unmanly. We're “all” in the same boat.

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