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  1. We all fill our God-sized holes as best we can and with what we like. Or that our site can distract and, accordingly, entertain. Tourism is a great thing in this regard: new emotions, exposure to an unfamiliar environment, impressions overlap our everyday thoughts, take us out of the daily context. If this is not a solo trip to deserted places, then most likely you will be surrounded by communication, new information, that is, there will be no time for heavy reflection, memories, etc. In part, tourism is popular as a means of temporary escapism. In part, travel has become the norm, and anyone who doesn't travel is simply a failure and “has never seen anything in my life.” In general, I am not very good at writing logically and beautifully today, so I will briefly formulate my idea. Now it is necessary to distinguish between travel and tourism. The latter is purely entertainment and a form of consumption, while the former is a source of new thoughts and perhaps new energy, perhaps a way to revise one's views and values.

  2. Everyone pursues their own goal. For some, traveling is an occasion to relax, relax, enjoy a new atmosphere, nature, and climate.
    For some, this is a way to discover a new country, which means to get acquainted with the mentality, try local cuisine.
    Someone goes for something “special” at all. Learn a new language by communicating with residents. Add a new shell to your collection. Take an interview.
    There are also people whose specialty obliges them to go on business trips to other countries. For them, traveling is only part of the job.
    Someone wants to take a risk and, taking only a couple of necessary things with them, goes as far as possible to prove to themselves that they can adapt to another country. Or to build a career.

    In any case, traveling is always a good idea. You will get a lot of unforgettable emotions, be impressed for a long time.

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