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  1. It's not very clear what you mean by “win”? It is necessary not to win, but to establish communication. If, of course, you have such a need.

    We live in a society, so it is very difficult to do without communication. Well, I'm not even talking about starting a family.

  2. Very curious, what do you mean by the word “Conquer”? If you mean to make the relationship close, and then start building a family, then I think the answer is already in the question itself. After all, people create families because they want to spend their entire life with this person (they like their partner(s) with their character, habits, appearance, sexual preferences, and so on).

    Of course, there are situations when people start families for other reasons. For example, you were forced by your parents, accidentally got pregnant (the child needs a father), got married for money or an apartment, and so on. Therefore, the question “Why” is very subjective, which means that it should be asked to a specific person. And different people will have different reasons for starting a family, although many of them will repeat themselves.

  3. Hello, dear author of the question! And readers! I'll tell you why I do this. Because I'm afraid to be alone. This is a deep-seated fear. It was inspired by my dear mother. My mother was afraid that I would deceive her. Her expectations, too. That's why she inspired me when I was 3 years old: “Sveta, never lie to me, if you lie , I'll leave you and leave you (for good)! Do you understand?”” After that, I realized, over time, that my mother would not leave me, that this was manipulation, because often my mother threatened to take me to an orphanage, but she did not do this, not once. But! The fear of being abandoned remained. I just transferred it to those who are dear to me, to friends, to loved ones. Since then, I've been trying to find someone who will be my husband. This is my program, I created it myself. I need a single husband. Very-o-very beloved!!! Then I won't be able to leave him, and so that he doesn't leave me, I'm ready to do a lot! Very much! However, this is difficult to find, because I have not had sexual relations (there was only petting and kissing), and I am afraid of this relationship without marriage-he will use and leave, that's what I am afraid of. Men feel this, and they become my friends. Or if one of the guys cheated on me, etc. – I stop communicating with such people. I've met three liars. Two guys in real life are friends. The rest – online communication is friendly. But I hope to meet my only one yet! And programs are born out of fear. Which is inspired by someone dear and close, I just have a good memory, which is also used. So I have a request: I'm begging! Please don't make programs out of your children!!! Don't inspire fear in them! I learned to lie anyway. But when I lie too much , I get sick. And left-handed people who are forbidden to use their left hand can also become programs. (I am one of them). But the fears and / or hatred that inspire in childhood or adolescence are the primary reason for the emergence of programs or one program in a person's mind. Be careful!!! I wish you all the best!

  4. Most likely, because of the belief that this should be the case. “Everyone else has a mate, but why don't I?” Many people initially set themselves up from an early age:”here is the love itself will be found”, and accordingly always counted on it. And as soon as there is some kind of love, immediately there are thoughts: “this is it, you need not miss, you need to achieve.”.. Like in the movies) and start trying.
    Although, this is just my guess.

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