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  1. I am not interested in answers about the role of humans among animals and other different organisms, especially since even such a simple question does not have a clear answer. The global cosmic meaning (design) excites me. People, just think about it. We exist! This is incredible! Well-grounded people, and similar to their habits to other organisms that have simple everyday life, goals and tasks fill their entire brain. But what about the thinkers, philosophers and scientists who are painfully hurt and afraid of the very idea that this existence will be eternal and with an unknown content, how to solve the problem? I personally do not need such an existence, being, if you will, and for nothing. All these worries, troubles, sufferings, “joys” and other nonsense. I don't need it. Do I feel like a slave who has no freedom, a creature created to satisfy the incomprehensible needs of Someone or something incredible, perhaps a certain GOD? About him, after all, the meaning of the question. Naturally the creator is nature. But there is a law of Being. A formula for the infinite movement of EVERYTHING. This formula is obvious and pervades everything that exists, being the cause without a cause of the existence of the most infinite and beginningless essence?

  2. “From the point of view of global meaning”
    The universe has incredible ranges of energy differences, velocities, sizes, etc. for our understanding. It is difficult for us to imagine this, it is difficult for us to understand the more complex system that gave us birth. Does your dog understand that tomorrow you will go to work to earn money for food, an apartment and a car? No, she wouldn't understand, even though it was all happening right under her nose.
    The human mind is designed to adapt to the planet earth. We understand this world only in the way that nature has set us up, it has not given us the ability to understand this world, because there is no need. But our brains have evolved so much that humanity has begun to gradually move out of the dark room. So the questions started pouring in: How does everything work? Why do we need life? But we are still blind as moles to the universe. The only primitive tool we have is our brain. So use it for learning. Your own and others'.

  3. A person lives in order to enjoy every day of his life-most likely the alien ship crashed and fell on our earth-maybe they were running away from black holes, maybe from the disintegration of the core of their planet-it doesn't matter-they probably knew that we were in their reach and they realized that their promise environment was here-maybe it was Noah and the ark according to the Bible.

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