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  1. Sexual intimacy, not “love”, is desired not only by a teenage girl, but also by an overgrown girl ) and a woman.�

    That's what a teenage boy and a man want, too.

    That is why the candy-bouquet period in a relationship lasts an average of 2.5-3 years: this is a 9-month pregnancy period plus about two years for breastfeeding a child. This is the period that NATURE has guaranteed for any couple, that is, the period during which the relationship will be held together, like glue, by mutual sexual attraction. This period is necessary for nature to ensure reproduction.

    Any relationship that continues BEYOND this period requires not only mutual sexual attraction (because nature has solved its problems during this period, and it no longer needs glue), but also intellectual and emotional community, similar interests and aspirations, a common worldview and compatible characters. That is, all that is united by the word “love”)

    And this is something that nature, that is, our animal nature, cannot provide-only human intelligence and morality can provide.

    Since in the head of the average person all concepts are inverted exactly the opposite, then he (she) calls the sexual attraction, passion, and hormonal surge that possess a person in the first years of a relationship “love”.�

    If this teenage girl of yours is free from this illusion and calls a spade a spade-respect to her ) I should note that she is a dinosaur fossil, a relic value )), because 90% of teenage girls who come to my consultations suffer from “love”, and not from unrequited and unrealized sexual desire.

  2. Hormones))) Most likely, you are talking about puberty) Tell the teenage girl about the need for social responsibility and the importance of protecting the reproductive health of the expectant mother)

  3. Because of a healthy mind. It's normal for a healthy female to want offspring. It is not normal when this healthy desire is crushed not even by social norms and practical calculations, but by nonsense about some kind of love.

  4. Because a teenage girl is also a living person, an evolved animal. The original natural desire has yet to be forged into love, but the most beautiful bonfire is based on ordinary sticks.

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