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  1. I think, on the contrary, such a dude with the Internet will have the opportunity to become a super-popular blogger. He will post a photo of his hut on Instagram, get a lot of advice on how best to make it. The video “I caught a boar” or “I broke a coconut” will get millions of views on YouTube. Eventually, he'll get a few TV companies to come over and haggle with them for his coordinates, put on some reality show like “Robinson Chooses his Wife,” and when he gets tired of living on the island, he'll have more opportunities than any of us.

  2. Of course, he will not go crazy, but he will feel melancholy, from the lack of live communication and a personal meeting, and so there are a lot of ways to occupy himself on the Internet, films alone will be enough for him for half a century)

  3. It seems to me that the main reason why you can go crazy on a desert island is hopelessness. It's not the fact that there's no one else on it but you that makes you depressed, but the fact that you're there ALONE. There is no civilization at all, and most things cannot be done physically.�

    And when the Internet appears, the situation becomes completely different. There is no fear that you will not be able to get out, moreover, Skype quite creates the effect of presence, you can at least be in touch all day. IMHO, this is generally no different from “sitting at home” in front of the computer.�

    Here it will depend on the person whether he is ready for seclusion or not. I think there will be those who do not care at all))

  4. The question is different for me… Where will he get the electricity to charge the device with which he can go online?

    Or how much of the battery life he'd had on the island would last

  5. Yes. Because any of its devices that have Internet access will run out of battery very quickly. Heh heh. That's all. We will not have any Super popular video blogger(((((

  6. I'm sure not. I lived like this for six months. Worked online, remotely, food and everything else as a delivery service. If you don't count the courier as a social contact, then I didn't see any real people. Only from the window. It wasn't bad at all, although it would have been harder without the treadmill. TV shows and Skype completely replace live communication

  7. I think not – social networks, instant messengers and other means of communication (Skype, etc.) will serve as a substitute for live communication.But if a person is alone in a confined space, most likely yes, the person will go crazy.

  8. I don't dare look that far. Once I had to spend the whole night (from ten in the evening to seven in the morning)spend time on the Internet. As a result, I was “turned away” from him for a week. I would not have gone even longer, but I had to)). The question is different. Do you know a lot of “uninhabited islands” where there is an Internet connection?))

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