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  1. Yes. To some extent, like any individual course or training, but clearly-yes.

    Quite a long time ago, I took two months out of three courses of the Obraz theater-Studio, and the guys from Moscow came to Arkhangelsk to visit us. There was a good program, which also included “Games on the street”: completing tasks on the street with the inclusion of passers-by. Elements of public speaking skills; etc. I can evaluate as a professional psychologist-effectively.

    Only, as an introvert and melancholic – that is, by nature a shy and reserved person-who has been conducting confidence, sales, negotiation, etc. trainings for 15 years, I would advise you to really look like not only acting courses for your purpose, but also all sorts of different trainings.

    It all helps.

  2. The basis of acting classes is self-knowledge as a person! You will learn to understand, hear, and feel yourself better. You will develop skills to interact with other people, and you will start to feel more confident. Over time, these skills will strengthen in you and you will be able to start applying them in everyday life.

    Don't expect quick results! They only appear in ads! Real work requires time and patience. Learn from professionals, they will always be able to help you, based on your personality!

  3. Acting courses and performances in terms of emancipation have one drawback – You will learn to confidently be Baba yaga, Larisa Ogudalova, Zhenya Shulzhenko, etc., but after leaving the stage and returning “to yourself” you will not necessarily behave more confidently than before.

    But it's definitely worth a try!!!

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