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  1. It is better, of course, to begin with, to understand what the original, hidden, cause of the problems is. In a calm environment, talk confidentially. If it's just a matter of emotional stress from the refusal of you or your partner to use lemon, then, of course, there is a chance, but, I believe, no more than from kiwi or orange – although you can use anything, if only by mutual consent, it is still better for sexual games to choose special devices that are medically more suitable for these purposes, so as not to
    But if the fact is that your partner is behaving inappropriately with you, then feel free to put a lemon in him where he deserves it and leave him to think about his behavior.

  2. I don't think so, unless it's one of your partner's sexual desires. In general, it all depends on the purpose for which you will do this. Maintaining a trusting relationship and frequent communication with each other will be more effective in maintaining a marriage. Much more effective than lemon, you know.

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