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  1. One of the properties of the correct ultimate goal that a person can set for himself is its inexhaustibility, in the sense that the achieved good cannot get boring, and eternity, in the sense that with the achieved good you can be happy even for eternity. In this sense, many goals are not suitable: they will exhaust themselves either immediately upon reaching, or after a relatively short time. Buying a car or going to Paris – these are such limited goals, after they are achieved, if they are accepted as the final ones, there may be frustration and emptiness. But, for example, a favorite business or family is no longer there. They can outlive the person himself.

  2. The meaning of life is not to achieve and get as much as possible. The point is to create the unknown and leave it behind. Such meaning is not sought and found, but built and given away. “To achieve and get everything I want” – says nothing about the meaning: whether it was, or maybe it did not exist at all…

  3. Are you sure you'll live that long?) However, if I were you, I would focus on these very achievements and desires. Instead of looking for an answer to this question, do something that will lead you to success.

    Well, if we consider this situation from a hypothetical point of view, then this is unlikely to happen. As you achieve certain benefits, you will want to have more, conquer another peak, and so on. But if you don't, you can happily reap the benefits of your hard work, living the life of any procrastinator's dreams. The point will be pleasure.

  4. All you need to do is expand the landmarks. Don't set scanty goals. Alexander the Great set a cool goal – to take over the world. He captured Egypt, Persia, came to India and got bogged down there, and when he found out that even further behind India there was a powerful empire – China, he completely fell into melancholy. And he said the phrase: “there are countless worlds in the universe, and I haven't captured one yet!” If you set a serious goal, then the number of problems that arise dynamically should be many times higher than all expectations. Most likely, you will still have to fly out, as you simply can't cope. But this is what really develops.

  5. An alcoholic tells a psychologist:�

    • my dream is to stop drinking. Quit altogether.

    Psychologist: – excellent! A good dream! Why don't you quit?

    Alcoholic:- and then how to live without a dream?

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