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  1. So this is a dream, the body that is, to rejuvenate, heal, grow new teeth, add RAM, and-given the experience gained over almost half a century, live on.�

    But life presidents, in this scenario, should still not be ))

  2. Assuming it was about technical improvement, I would first become a “tech” (a term from some science fiction that meant technically modified people). Well, there, a power steering system for hands, a flash drive for brains, an interface to the computer (even if it's wired). But at some point, there will clearly be problems with integrating and interfacing parts, especially old ones with new ones. So at some stage I would “move” to a solid structure, but I would only do it as a last resort – reinforced hands are good, of course, but tactile sensations can not be replaced with anything.

    If we are talking about clones-shells, then I would do it only in case of a threat to life-legs from molars and beautiful eyes are, of course, good, but figs knows how it will be, in a new body, the old one is somehow more native….

  3. Naturally, I'm not the only one.

    For those who are now victims of lukism�(discrimination based on appearance)и and ablism�(discrimination by opportunity) the day of the discovery of this kind of technology will be a real celebration of life.

    Also, a considerable demand for this modification should be expected from employees of harmful types of production, which as of today, in exchange for the health killed in the course of work, the employer provides only indexation of wages.

    Do not forget about those whose central nervous system, being damaged, does not allow the owner's consciousness to “breathe deeply”. Its transfer to an artificial carrier is quite capable of solving this problem.

    In addition, if you have to choose between the monitor turned on and off (being and non-being), I probably prefer the former)

  4. No. And to be honest, it scares me to think that the day when people will think about such changes as buying a new smartphone will come. An even greater dependence of a person on “unnecessary” material goods will not be beneficial.�The problem is the social transformation that will take place. And what the ruling elite will be able to achieve through this technological progress. But please note that I am not against the development of prosthetics. That's another question.

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