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  1. Hello! First of all, it is necessary to observe the modes of sleep and wakefulness, work and rest. There is a whole area of medical thought called “occupational health”, about which, recently, everyone has forgotten.

    With fatigue and irritation, you can successfully fight the method of conscious relaxation. Take the most comfortable position possible, in which you do not want to move, which you will not want to change soon. Close your eyes. Focus entirely on the act of breathing. Take a deep, powerful breath through your nose and a light, noisy, fast, full exhalation through your mouth. While concentrating on your breathing, start relaxing your body from the top of your head. Imagine how the desired relaxation descends lower and lower, leaving behind a pleasant warmth and heaviness. Like any other skill, this one builds up over time. Every time, you will relax better and better. After the end of such relaxation, you can feel a sense of calm and freshness. This kind of auto-training is part of a “psychohygienic” program that you can use to prevent neurotic conditions.

  2. This is not as simple as it initially seems. Just want some friendly advice? Absolutely free. So your parents produced you after a bit of fun, so what? Just live until you die now. You can come up with a different outcome, well, if you're smart enough..

  3. I think you've already answered your own question:) ACCUMULATED keyword.�

    Try to relax in time, every day straight. Think of this type of relaxation for yourself. No matter what, a hot bath with essential oil, 10 minutes of peace and quiet in privacy with yourself and a cup of coffee, reading a couple of pages of your favorite book, an evening walk in the park, etc.

    Perhaps your body lacks certain vitamins. In your case, you could drink magnesium and vitamin C. Or brew rosehip tea.

    More often you find the opportunity to experience positive emotions in everyday life.

  4. A person recovers during sleep due to the production of the hormone melatonin, so you need to try to get enough sleep in the first place, since reducing it gives you weakness, fatigue and irritation.

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