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  1. And now it can be weird to look at posts from 2007, but I don't delete anything. I create a chronicle of my personal transformations. It can be fun to see how much you've changed over a certain period of time. A sort of multimedia album.

  2. I think so. Last year, I scrolled through my wall right up to the registration date (it was in 2009) and was horrified, but the oldest posts were not even 20, but only 10 years old. After that, I found a script for cleaning the wall and erased everything that was left before 2015. Who knows, maybe in 5 years later, later entries will also terrify me, and I will delete them already.

  3. It's scary for me to see even a recording from two years ago. You watch it sometimes and think:”How could I write such a thing?”. That's why I sometimes monitor and delete records that I don't like.

  4. The worst thing in this situation is to plunge into memories (of course, we are not talking about some meaningless repost, for example, from an immoral public)

  5. I won't be afraid, because most of my walls are reposts of interesting news for me. I also don't suffer from pathos or craving for nude/horror photosets, so I guess I'll even be curious, what did I get so interested in then?

  6. In order not to ask myself this question, I, one day, decided to rid my wall of junk and deleted everything to hell! Now I leave only my favorite entries, so that I won't be ashamed later.)

  7. I'm definitely scared. Not in the direct sense, of course, but rather awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable. But for myself, I came up with a logical trick to help get rid of this. The reason why we are ashamed to read old social media posts or old diary entries is that we have changed a lot since then, and this content, which was born of us, has become alien to us. However, we still see something intimate in it, and therefore we do not reject it, but read it with interest, but with awkwardness, just as it is sometimes awkward to follow the activity of close relatives on the Internet. So, this reaction is caused by our internal changes. But these changes, such is human nature, are most likely for the better. They should be happy.

    In other words, we should not think about what a fool I was five years ago, but about how I have grown, wiser, more serious, and become a better person in these five years. Then the shame will disappear, and there will be joy for yourself and the results of your self-development.

  8. I've already seen the recordings from 10 years ago in LiveJournal. It's a bit embarrassing, but I didn't notice the horror. In general, this is nothing new, the same feelings I felt when I read the diary that I kept as a child. And it is very interesting to remember what you don't remember and draw conclusions.

  9. You won't be afraid to see the posts on the wall, because they aren't there. Sometimes I'll repost something cool, then it starts to bother my eyes and I delete it. Therefore, nothing stays on my wall for more than a week, except for photos, for example, or records about some event I was at.

    It is more terrible to read correspondence, and if it is 20 years old, then even more so! 😀 Just what nonsense I did not write to friends/acquaintances/strangers. It will probably be both creepy and funny to reread this.

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