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  1. The world can't be BETTER or WORSE. This is a subjective assessment of a single individual. I think so. And people are also not evil or kind-this is also a human assessment, just like whether the glass is half empty or half full…

  2. How does the world depend on the evil qualities of a person or on the “opposite”? Sun, wind, oceans, earth? With your “qualities” you make your own perception. In it, you evaluate the “qualities” of other people.

  3. We should start with the fact that the concepts of “good” and “evil” are relative, and are not the same in different epochs, and even in different social groups. And in nature itself, such things do not exist at all. The world is neither “good” nor”evil.” He is what he is. The concepts of evil, goodness, justice, etc. were invented by people. And what is “better” is a purely human concept. Again, different things for different people.

    Let's say aggressiveness is an “evil quality”? Yes, some crimes are caused by aggressiveness. But not all of them. You can even kill – completely indifferently, and even with pleasure and not with malice.

    On the other hand, eliminate “aggressiveness” – and you will get uninitiative people, stones under which water does not flow, unable to chat despite the circumstances.

    For example, the” good ” instinct is a maternal feeling. But how many “yazh mothers” corrupt children, making them egoists and moral freaks, and interfere with school teachers, and poison the lives of others with their “yazh mothers”.

    It is necessary not to destroy qualities, but to introduce them into the necessary social framework, to teach people to manage them, and not to be slaves to animal instincts.

  4. First, the world, like nature, the laws of physics, and so on, does not depend on our qualities. Secondly, if you are talking about the world as a society, then I don't know, because everyone has their own ideas about evil and evil qualities. For example, I believe that most of the qualities of a person are neutral in themselves, and those qualities that are called good and evil are just two sides of the same coin

  5. No, the world would become unbearable to humanity, and the answer lies in the fact that even in the human immune system there is no place for good, otherwise there will be an inevitable death from the fact that the body will become loyal to microorganisms and other elements that get inside from the outside.

  6. In the end, everything will come to a balance. The good will disappear, so the good will be restored. The bad will disappear, and it will be restored. It's hard to say, but a world without good things can do so much harm to the planet that they can disappear. So without evil, we would be lost. They were powered only by solar energy and lived without electricity and technology. And soon, there will come a time when there is no fat in the human body. And the body itself begins to eat itself. And here is the result. To be disappeared from the face of the Earth, or eaten by itself, in the course of lack of fat reserves. Here, we need a balance between good and evil. To survive.

  7. The world would be impoverished…)After all, good is also good when it corrects evil,and so it's just everyday life, which one day one of those who are rebellious by nature will lead to a breakdown and he will make a big mistake out of spite…well…invent something worse than viruses and bombs and …tads, people, there will be a big OI-Y-Y…And then…Good and evil are a tandem, like white and black…but after all, at the junction of day and night, mornings have been blooming with the most delicate colors for millions of years, and sunsets are raging with fiery flashes…is anyone willing to give up on all of this?Unlikely…in the same way,you can not give up what is born at the junction of good and evil…but these are,among other things, also brilliant creations of the human mind and hands…don't you remember this immortal one : “Is it true,Salieri, that Beaumarchais poisoned someone…?After all, he's a genius, just like you and me…and genius and villainy are two incompatible things… “(I write from memory,and therefore I can make mistakes in the nuances…I ask the experts of this immortal creation to forgive for involuntary stumbling…) Yes…Well , there were such rumors then…after all, Beaumarchais did not always sit at the table with a pen in his hands…) And not only the creator and father of the dodger Figaro was … hmm… sometimes inadequate…Michelangelo is also a sinner…his antics would clearly and specifically fall under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation…Here is the contrast': it would seem that genius and evil are incompatible…But evil forced Eve to reach for the fruit from the tree of knowledge,it was evil that was the impetus for the migration of people to Earth,and it also gradually,harshly and bloodily, but forced to develop many spheres of human activity.I have never been a supporter of evil,but I do not intend to deny its participation and its role in the formation and development of humanity and civilization.Evil without good is a bottomless pit, good without evil is a utopia..the balance and struggle of these two principles is LIFE…therefore, the necessity of good and evil is indisputable…this necessity is an axiom that does not require proof.

  8. Formally, good and evil are constructs that a person has come up with in his head. In the present reality that surrounds us, they do not exist.

    We may not need them at all for a plausible reflection and understanding of this world, but it is likely that we will not be able to abandon them for a long time.

    As it is, there is no such thing as conventional evil. For two different people, the same act can be interpreted as both good and evil at the same time.

  9. It would definitely be better. Can you imagine people without stress and tantrums that do not spoil nature? But this, of course, is fantastic.
    On the contrary, it would get worse.
    The world is already getting a little better, then worse – changing like the weather, in places. And from this it happens that wars, then peacetime. It depends on the ratio of good and bad people in each particular place and time.

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